New York State law as well as local regulations strictly outline the
    rules the schools must follow concerning medication administered in
    school.  The overall guidelines is that such dispensing of medication
    must be kept to a minimum therefore, it is administered only when
    necessary to be given during school hours.
    We are required to follow these regulations:
    1.  The nurse should administer medications only as necessary.
    2.  Instructions for administration of medication must be in writing
         from the Physician and include:
            a. The name of the student.
            b. Medical condition of the child.
            c. The name of the medication.
            d. The dosage and time.
            e. A list of possible side effects.
    3.  A letter must be on file from the parents or guardian requesting the
         administration of the medication by the school.
    4.  Medication must be brought to the school by parents or guardian NOT
         to be sent to school with the child
    5.  New prescriptions and physician's orders are required at the beginning
         of each school year.
    6.  All unused medications must be picked up by the parents or guardians
         at the end of the school year or will be properly disposed of.
    7.  All prescribed medications will be kept in a locked cabinet and
         dispensed only by authorized personnel.
    8.  If at any time the physician wishes to change the dosage, she/he
         must submit this request in writing.
    9.  A verbal or telephone request from the parent or physician is not
          acceptable from the standpoint of protection for the school nurse
          and the school.
    10. Special guidelines apply to the field trips.  Contact your
          School nurse for specific information.
    11. The term "medications" is a broad one applying to both prescription
          and non-prescription drugs and treatments.