• Name: Jim Cancellari 
    Subject: Regents and Honors Chemistry
    Email: james.cancellari@wcsdny.org
    Phone: 845-298-5100 ext. 31064  


    Answers to the practice test will be on by 8 PM tonight.  


    Welcome to a new and hopefully exciting school year.  Chemistry will be a challenge for most of you and my website will be an important place to go to get information (and to catch all my "dad joke" chemistry memes).  Organization and practice are keys to being successful.

    You will get a monthly homework calendar.  The link is on the side if you are using your computer.  The homework calendar includes all homework assignments, quiz dates and test dates.  It is very useful to help you organize your time. 

    All worksheets for homework can also be downloaded from the worksheets tab.  I will provide hard copies in class but if you miss a day or lose a copy, they are easily accessible for you.   You will also find PRACTICE TESTS and ANSWER KEYS.  These practice tests are old regents multiple choice questions and will be just like the questions on the test.  Some of the question on the practice test may even appear on the test.  

    Are you stuck and need help?  Did you miss a day or two and feel behind and lost?  Don't waste your time searching through countless youtube videos until you find the right one.  I've done all of that for you.  Check out the Tutorial videos link on the left side if you need help.  These videos are "Cance Approved".

    I've added a printable Periodic Table to the links section. 

    Good luck 

    ~ Mr. Cancellari
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