• Name: Jim Cancellari
    Subject: Honors and Regents Chemistry
    Email: james.cancellari@wcsdny.org
    Phone: 845-298-5100 ext. 31064  

    Dear Students, Parents & Guardians:

    As we prepare to "come back together" this week, I have posted a short survey on Google Classroom to determine the students' accessibility, needs and interests as we move into this online learning environment.  Please have your child log onto Classroom to take the survey at their earliest convenience. 

    As always, I appreciate your patience with me during this transition and I look forward to supporting your children (and you) in this difficult time.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or problems.  I understand the different needs of our students' families and will make every effort to make this remote instruction as meaningful and as smooth as I can.

    Stay safe and healthy,

    Mr. Cancellari  



    I've created a Google Class for each period.  If you need the class code, please email me.  There is a check in assignment that is due April 3rd that is ungraded but mandatory.  I have to assign it so we can see who isn't able to access it or just isn't showing up for class.  4/1/2020 and 4/2/2020 are Conference Days for me so I probably won't be "live streaming" review material but I will be on my Live Stream tomorrow 4/1/2020 at 11 AM for a test run with google classroom and I'm going to try Hangout or some other type of Live Stream through Google.  If you can, I'd really appreciate it if a few of you can come on and do the test run with me.  This is certainly a new experience for us all and with new experiences comes a level of uncertainty and anxiety.  We are all experiencing this to some level. Together we will not only survive this but we will THRIVE!!!  ~ Stay Safe and I miss you all terribly. 


    Just in case you are getting a little stir crazy with this social distancing, I've found a virtual field trip for us to take.  My 1st period class likes to joke around about Plutonium....well here is a trip to the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory.  There are some really cool things in these videos.  Check them out.



    I've created an instagram account called CancesChemistryLiveStream.  I will go live from 11:00-Noon Monday-Friday.  My goal is to be able to answer any chemistry questions you have on any of the assignments.  I will also do a brief review of each topic.  You can ask questions in the comments and I'm hoping that if you miss a day, you'll be able to watch it when you get a chance. Feel free to invite your friends from other classes or schools to view my live stream.  I'm willing to help anyone who needs it.

    I created a new link for your assignments.  They are all review assignments.  Use your notes to get the answers.  Do 1 section a day.  

    You can ignore all homework calendars for the next 2 weeks.  In the links section, I've put the next 2 Units up.  You can work ahead if you want.  I've attached readings and regents questions that we will cover when we come back.  I've added my PowerPoint notes on line too.  I've also set up a live stream on Instagram.  It's not perfect but it will serve the purpose and allow me to reach the most people much more easily. 

    Please feel free to email me with any chemistry based questions.  I have about as much general information as you all have.  This is certainly an unprecidented event but we will get through it.  If we focus on the things we can control instead of what we can't control, we will all come out of this ok. 

    Please check in daily over the next 2 weeks.  More information on exactly how we are going to continue your education will be posted.


    I've added a printable Periodic Table to the links section. 

    If you are struggling, check out the TUTORIAL VIDEOS link on the left.

    Also, don't forget to check out the worksheets link for things like...well...worksheets but more importantly, practice tests!  They will help you prepare for the type of questions you will see on the tests.


    A few of you are starting to fall behind in your lab work.  You must SUCCESSFULLY complete (pass) 30 periods of labs in order to be allowed to take the Regents exam.  Depending on what class you are in we've done between 26-29 periods of lab.  That puts us 3/4 of the way towards the maximum number of lab periods we will be doing.  Please do not cut it close.  We do enough labs to give you a little bit of a buffer in case you don't successfully complete a couple of labs.  If you've done the lab but you failed it or didn't hand it in, you can still hand it in for lab hour credit but you will not receive a grade for it.  


    Good luck 

    ~ Mr. Cancellari
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