• The Winner's Circle class is building this 
    1965 Shelby Cobra.
    Keep track of our progress:
    Insta: KetchamRacing      TikTok: @Ketchamracing   
    Winner's Circle- There will be various assignments.  Mostly we will be building a 1965 Shelby Cobra Covertible.
     Transportation:  There will be an in-class assignment every Monday and Friday as well as other periodic assignments.  If a student is absent either of these days (with a legal absence) it is their responsibility to make up the work.  There will be a number of projects done in class,  if  a student is absent from class they most likely will not be able to complete the projects, it will affect their grade accordingly.  
    Civil Engineering and Architecture:  Civil Engineering and Architecture is designed for students who have an interest in designing and building structures.   This class will give students an overview of residential and commercial structure design.  Aspects of mechanical, electrical, heating, and waste management systems will be addressed.  Soil properties, truss design, and beam deflection are some of the other topics that will be covered.  Students will keep all of there work in a 3 ring binder that I will grade every 5 weeks.  It will need to be neat and organized. Autodesk Revit is available as a free download at https://www.autodesk.com/education/home