• Name: Mr. Rifenburg
    Subject: Global 10, History and Film (1st Semester) and Human Rights (2nd Semester)
    Email: Timothy.Rifenburg@wcsdny.org
    Phone: 845-298-5100 ext 31048
    Welcome Message:
    Hello. This site will contain links to class information and assignments.
     Assignments will be set up on my Google Classroom site. Students should check their school email to make sure they are added to my Google Classroom or to accept my invite to the classroom. If you need further information, clarification on assignments or information on the classroom, please email   Timothy.Rifenburg@wcsdny.org.  I added an online learning page to this website.  Assignments, learning criteria and information will be posted there.  We have a new Attendance / Grading system so bear with me as I become familiar with the new Infinite Campus System.
    Parents / Guardians: Please Email me for access to the classroom to view assignments, though you will find that information on this site.
    Mr. Rifenburg's Teaching Schedule   
    Period 1:   Global 10 - Room 101
    Period 2:   Duty - 1st Semester - Social Studies Hallway Bathroom   &   2nd Semester - Study Hall (Room 101)
    Period 3:  Global 10 - Room 101
    Period 4: History Through Film (1st Semester) / Human Rights (2nd Semester) - Room 101
    Period 5:  Global 10 - Room 101
    Period 6: Lunch
    Period 7:  Global - Room 101
    Period 8: Prep Period
    Meeting  / Remote Learning Office Hours:
    If you have a question or need clarification on an assignment, you can message me through Google Classroom or email me Timothy.rifenburg@wcsdny.org .If you need a one on one meeting or need assistance, email me to set up a specific time. I am diligent about checking email and the Google Classroom site, but I will end my correspondence with messages and emails by 8:30 pm each day. Messages left after 8:30pm will be dealt with the next day.