1. Register Student

    Complete registration will include:

    A. An uploaded valid physical on NYS Health Examination form (i.e. Physical dated 8/1/2021 will be valid for sports starting 8/2022. A physical dated 7/2021 will not be accepted.) 

    B. Self carry prescriptions uploaded for inhalers, epipens/auvi q, and any other medications. 

    C. Possible Covid clearance note if required

    1. Nurse to review application and physical

    A. “Approval status” will then change to NO STATUS or APPROVED  if all valid documents attached

    B. Check the “Notes to Registrant” section for detailed communication/instruction from the nurse. “Approval status” could change to NOT APPROVED or remain NO STATUS depending on the required information

    1. School Doctor to review application and documents remotely

    A. After reviewing the application and uploaded documents,  the doctor will communicate with the nurse to either “clear” the student or require additional information/documentation to “clear.” Approval status will be unchanged at this time

    1. Nurse to approve application once clearance has been completed by school doctor  remotely

    A. “Approval status” will change to APPROVED or NOT APPROVED at this time

    B. For NOT APPROVED please refer to “Notes to Registrant” for exact description of what is required


    Do’s and Don’ts 


    DO regularly check Family ID registration for status updates and final APPROVED status

    DO refer to the “Notes to Registrant” section for updates or requests from health office 

    DO understand that the Health office reviews  hundreds of registrations each season while managing the health needs of students on site


    DON’T confuse “registration status” COMPLETED with “approval status” APPROVED

    DON’T rely on email notifications from Family ID; be proactive and logon to Family ID


    For any other athletic / FamilyID questions or concerns, please contact the Athletic Department or visit the webpage (WCSD Athletics).

    NYSED Guidelines for concussion Management