• SAT/PSAT Review & Preparation Classes - Fall 2023

    SAT Preparation Course through Lentz & Lentz SAT Prep 
    Lentz & Lentz is proud to be offering virtual classes this fall for students who are taking the October PSAT or November SAT.

    These classes are taught by Lentz & Lentz's best-rated teachers. The reviews from our students who have taken these classes have been excellent. The live, online course consists of the same instructional content as our in-person classroom courses. Students can choose to prep in the comfort, convenience, and safety of their own homes. For our virtual online class, we use easy-to-use screen sharing technology hosted through Zoom, where we are able to create a virtual classroom in which the instructor and all students can communicate with one another. These lessons proceed according to the same format as our classroom lesson plans, and everything our instructors write down over the course of the lesson, and all of the problems, notes, and solutions covered in a particular class, will be visible online. Should students have any questions, they can push a button to raise their hand. Questions are answered in real time and there is also access to free individualized extra-help. The online classroom is a perfect solution for preparation, allowing students the convenience and flexibility to prepare in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Several different date programs to choose from!  See flyer below for specific dates & costs. For information or to register, call Lentz & Lentz at (845) 638-2826 or go to https://lentzsatprep.com/live-virtual-courses/