• John Jay Future Farmers of America Students Compete

    Posted by Amy Watkins on 5/20/2021

    UPDATED: May 20, 2021

    The John Jay FFA members won at the State Competition! Please join us in congratulating Charlotte Bartush for placing 1st in the Sr. Creed and Nicole Pardo for placing 3rd in the Sr. Creed. They will be going to the FFA National Convention in Indiana in October!

    Please congratulate FFA members, Charlotte Bartush, Mikayla Laclair, Lydia McDonough, on their amazing showmanship skills at the NYS Cattle Battle this past weekend at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds!

    Cattle Battle 1

    Cattle Battle 2

    Cattle Battle 3

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  • John Jay's FTC Robotics Team & the INSPIRE Award

    Posted by Amy Watkins on 5/10/2021

    Congratulations are in order for our own FTC Robotics Team #16700 JAYBOTS as they won several awards this past weekend at the 4th Qualifying Tournament for the Excelsior Region:  

    The team won 2nd Place for the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award for their unique gripper design  (which is no small feat). The even bigger news is that they earned the 1st Place INSPIRE Award, the most prestigious award given at any level of competition!  While it is often informally referred to as an "MVP" award or an award for "Well-Roundedness", neither of those approximations do it justice because as you can see in the description below, the team must be in the running for most of the judged awards, meaning that they are doing well in every single category; this does not just mean just coding or building, it is design, documentation, recruitment, connections with STEM professionals to learn more, teaching or tutoring local kids and offering STEM programming for them, charitable service, team spirit, and general professionalism all-around.  

    To give you an idea of how important this award is weighted in the FTC Robotics community, the winners are advanced to the next level of competition BEFORE even the Captain of the Winning Alliance in the Finals (or this year, the Team that scored the most points overall). The JAYBOTS are headed to the Regionals!

    If you see these team members, make sure to congratulate them:

    Darren Wang
    Ashish Thomas
    Jared Yeung
    Robert Zhu
    Anaya Pandya
    Anish Anne
    Arnav Mishra
    Dillon Anthony
    Eve Steckmeister
    Matthew Laverde
    Mili Biguvu
    Silvia Bilenky
    Tyler Sammer
    Paul Finch

    What is the INSPIRE Award? From the Game Manual, Part 1:

    INSPIRE Award: This judged award is given to the team that best embodies the ‘challenge’ of the FIRST Tech Challenge program. The Team that receives this award is a strong ambassador for FIRST programs and a role model FIRST Team. This Team is a top contender for many other judged awards and is a gracious competitor. The Inspire Award winner is an inspiration to other Teams, acting with Gracious Professionalism® both on and off the playing field. This Team shares their experiences, enthusiasm, and knowledge with other teams, sponsors, their community, and the Judges. Working as a unit, this Team will have showed success in performing the task of designing and building a Robot. Required criteria for the Inspire Award:

    • Team shows respect and Gracious Professionalism® to everyone they meet at a FIRST Tech Challenge event. 
    • Team is a strong contender for several other judged awards. The Inspire Award celebrates the strongest qualities of all the judged awards. 
    • The Team is an ambassador for FIRST programs. They demonstrate and document their work in their community. 
    • Team is positive and inclusive, and each team member contributes to the success of the Team.
    • Team must submit an engineering portfolio. The engineering portfolio must include engineering content, team information, and a team plan. The entire engineering portfolio must be high quality and well-organized.
    • Robot design is creative and innovative, and the Robot performs reliably on the field. The Team communicates clearly about their Robot design and strategy to the judges. Team interview session is professional and engaging.
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  • NYS Beaks of Finches Lab in Ms. Martire's Biology Class

    Posted by Amy Watkins on 4/27/2021

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  • Junior High School Science Olympiad Results

    Posted by Amy Watkins on 4/26/2021
    Congratulations to Team Van Wyck Science Olympiads! The results are in, and 4 out of 15 of our competing teammates earned Medals at the State Competition against 52 of the top schools in NYS! Here's a special shout out to Shaylen Bhatt and Areej Omar for placing 8th IN STATE for "Meteorology" and Joey Marra and Ved Kaderu for placing 4th IN STATE for "Reach for the Stars"! An amazing job was done by all!
    Van Wyck Team
    Van Wyck Science Olympiad

    WJHS's Science Olympiad Team got 3rd place at the Science Olympiad Regional Tournament! Van Wyck got 2nd place! We are so proud of both teams. And 
    Only the top 2 teams go to the state tournament so the WJHS team is wishing Van Wyck all the best at the state tournament! 
    The results were as follows:
    1. Goshen Team A (CJ Hooker)
    2. Van Wyck Junior High School
    3. Wappingers Junior HIgh School
    4. Spackenkill (Orville A Todd)
    5. Monroe-Woodbury
    6. Goshen Team B (CJ Hooker)
    Wappingers JHS TeamWJHS
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  • Congratulations to Fishkill Plains Student: Eden Kruger

    Posted by Amy Watkins on 4/16/2021

    Eden is ranked the number one female Mogul Skier in the whole Northeast age 17 and under which is the B level. She’s worked very hard competing the past three winters and it’s quite an accomplishment. Next year, she will be competing nationwide against adult females. Way to go Eden!

    Eden K
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  • John Jay & RCK FBLA State Competition Results

    Posted by Amy Watkins on 4/12/2021

    John Jay & Roy C. Ketcham
    Future Business Leaders 

    State Competition Results from 2021

    The state competition for FBLA is ordinarily a 3-day trip to a convention center in Rochester, NY.  A sea of nearly 800 students all dressed in fresh business attire, scurry between competition rooms, business meetings, meals, break-out sessions, political campaign events, and evening dances. The competitions fall into five categories: objective tests, project presentations, interviews, speeches, and individual or team simulations. Many of the competitions require that students place at regionals or attain a high score on a multiple-choice test to earn the right to present to live judges who are volunteers from the local business community with expertise in the topic. 

    In 2020, the competition was scheduled for early April. There was just not enough time to recreate the whole event online. But this year NYS FBLA was ready! Instead of being three days of madness, the competition was spread out over three weeks - mostly during after-school hours. With the event being held online for only a nominal cost per student, participation was higher this year, with nearly 1000 competitors. 

    Students donned their professional attire and created pre-recorded project videos or joined zoom calls for interviews and live simulations. NYS FBLA contracted with a software company to give all objective tests online. The scariest events had prompts announced at 7 pm and professionally dressed teams had to devise a plan, produce an instant video of their simulation on zoom, publish it to YouTube, and submit the link before the deadline at 9 pm.  

    Our Parliamentary Procedure team experienced a power outage in the middle of this instant video process, but even the power grid couldn’t take them down! Those affected jumped on cell phones and tossed the video recording job to alternate team members. Di Chen, Carl DeMarco Jr., Aryan Gupta, Sanjay Natesan, and Sydney O’Connor turned that roller coaster ride into a 1st place trophy! They are super excited to represent New York State at the National FBLA competition in July together with all students earning 1st through 4th place awards in their events. 5th place finishers are alternates and may be called up to Nationals if a spot opens.  

    Even amidst all the changes in the format and the increased number of competitors this year, John Jay High School still excelled. We earned more first-place trophies than ever before, and we had more people place in live events and events requiring professional speaking than we ever did before. 

    A special thank you and congratulations also go to Ms. Jocelyn Humphries who has supported and provided guidance to ensure the success of these students!

    And now... the NYS FBLA STATE COMPETITION awards went to...

    From Roy C. Ketcham

    4th Place - Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure - Eric Johnston 

    4th Place - Introduction to FBLA - Eric Johnston 

    From John Jay


    1st Place - Impromptu Speaking - Simal Patel

    Live Interviews

    1st Place - Client Services - Vasuhda Kilambi

    4th Place - Job Interview - Gianna De Nivo

    4th Place - Help Desk - Ayushi Pandya

    Instant Simulations

    1st Place - Entrepreneurship - Sanjay Natesan

    1st Place - Parliamentary Procedure Team - Di Chen, Carl DeMarco Jr., Aryan Gupta, Sanjay Natesan, and Sydney O’Connor

    4th Place - Management Decision Making Team - Rohan Ganesan & Carl DeMarco Jr.

    5th Place - Banking and Finance Team - Brandon Cheung, Ashley Qiu, and Samuel Thomas

    Project Presentations

    4th Place - Introduction to Business Presentations - Sydney O’Connor

    Individual Objective Tests

    1st Place - Network Infrastructure - Simal Patel

    3rd Place - Computer Problem Solving - Robert Zhu

    3rd Place - Cyber Security - Robert Zhu

    3rd Place - Parliamentary Procedure Rules & Interpretation - Sanjay Natesan

    3rd Place - Political Science - Carl DeMarco Jr.

    4th Place - Parliamentary Procedure Rules & Interpretation - Carl DeMarco Jr.

    5th Place - Insurance & Risk Management - Shirley Smit

    5th Place - Supply Chain Management - Vasudha Kilambi

    Special Award

    Each year, NYS FBLA interviews a highly selective group of accomplished students for the Future Business Leader award. Our own co-president, Rohan Ganesan, placed 3rd in this esteemed group. 

    I would also like to give a hearty congratulations to our students who earned regional awards for District 3N: Gabrielle Sweeney earned 2nd Place in Introduction to Public Speaking, Silvia Bilenkey earned 3rd Place in Introduction to Decision Making, and Kathryn Erich earned 4th Place in Public Speaking.

    We are so proud of our whole Johy Jay FBLA Competition team. They learned new technologies and adapted to new procedures while keeping their eyes on the prize.

    Thank you to every John Jay High School teacher, club advisor, and coach who trained our students up to be this awesome in reading, following technical directions, computation, debate, social skills, business and computer science topics, technology, art, public speaking, a passion for learning, personal polish, teamwork, and optimism about their abilities in this world. It takes a village and you brought it this year too!

    Watching our students work like this, you know that whatever calamity the world has to throw at us next, humanity is going to be just fine!

    Go John Jay!

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  • Sahana Sampath Represents WCSD at Scripps National Spelling Bee

    Posted by Amy Watkins on 4/9/2021


    We are pleased to announce that Sahana Sampath, a sixth-grade student from James S. Evans Elementary School, will be competing in the Scripps National Spelling Bee this summer, representing the entire upstate New York Region! WOW!  The top spellers from across the U.S. and the globe will gather in Orlando, Florida, on July 8, 2021, to compete in the nationally televised event.  The final rounds of this year's Spelling Bee will be hosted in-person, at Walt Disney World, and will be broadcasted live on ESPN2.

    We are beyond proud of Sahana; she has been at Evans since Kindergarten, and is an outstanding student! We wish her continued success as she competes at the national level! GO SAHANA!

    Spelling Bee

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  • JJ Science Olympiad Results from Mid-Hudson Regional Competition

    Posted by Amy Watkins on 4/8/2021
    UPDATED: April 8, 2021
    Sci Olympiad

    JJ Science Olympiad results from Mid-Hudson Regional Competition

    John Jay had four teams in the Mid-Hudson Science Olympiad Regional Competition, which occurred on Saturday, March 20th, with Team A placing 2nd overall out of 27 teams in the region. Teams B, C, and D placed 7th, 9th and 20th respectively. JJ students also racked up a record number of medals this year! Forty-nine students from JJ participated in the competition, and almost all of them won one or more medals!

    In total, JJ teams won 37 medals in 15 events, with eleven top-3 finishes.

    Among the awards we won:

    First place medals in Designer Genes (Sanjay Natesan and Ratna Sharma), Disease Detectives (Rohan Ganesan and Sanjay Natesan), and Codebusters (Scott Gremelsbacker, Aditi Rathi, and Saathvika Nagareddy).

    Second place medals in Astronomy (Brandon Cheung and Rohan Ganesan), Circuit Lab (Sanjay Natesan and Robert Zhu), Forensics (Ratna Sharma and William Gee), Fossils (Adriana Bilenky and Damien Foster), and Ornithology (Adriana Bilenky and Damien Foster).

    Third place medals in Anatomy and Physiology (Aryan Verma and Nathan Leobandung), Codebusters (Robert Zhu, Nathan Leobandung and Erika Huston), and Sounds of Music (Jonathan Shah and Brandon Cheung)

    There were several changes to the regional competition this year, which was held virtually for the first time. For the previous two years, JJ had hosted the Regionals competition. In addition, there were no build events this year – only testing events – which caused a reduction in the number of events.

    The NY State Science Olympiad Competition will take place virtually on April 10th.

    Sci Olmpiad Officers

    WCSD Science Olympiad Teams earned 2nd & 3rd place at this past weekend's Science Olympiad Regional Tournament!
    Mr. Pogemiller-Kermani and Ms. Plassman are very proud of their teams. Van Wyck earned 2nd Place and WJHS earned 3rd Place! The top 2 teams go to the State tournament. The WJHS team is wishing Van Wyck all the best at the State tournament! Congratulations to both schools, students, and their coaches for their hard work earning this achievement!
    The results were as follows:
    1. Goshen Team A (CJ Hooker)
    2. Van Wyck Junior High School
    3. Wappingers Junior High School
    4. Spackenkill (Orville A Todd)
    5. Monroe-Woodbury
    6. Goshen Team B (CJ Hooker)
    A special thank you to Mandy Zhang, a 10th grader from RCK, who came every week to the WJHS Science Olympiad meets. Mandy was our junior coach this year. She makes Google Slides and Kahoots to help the team study. She was on the WJHS Science Olympiad Team when she was in 8th grade.
    Thank you everyone for your support.
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  • Congratulations to the John Jay FFA Team

    Posted by Amy Watkins on 4/6/2021 9:00:00 AM

    UPDATED! April 6, 2021!

    Members of the John Jay FFA who advanced to the Sub-State Competition nailed it and TWO are moving on to compete at States! At the FFA State Competition, John Jay will also have TWO Veterinary Science teams competing. Please congratulate the following students for their amazing efforts:

    Charlotte Bartush - 1st Sr. Creed
    Nicole Pardo - 2nd Sr. Creed
    Sara Snowden - 4th Sr. Creed
    Lydia McDonough, Emma Egan, Charlotte Bartush - 3rd Agricultural Issues

    Click here to read the March 17th article on page 9 from Southern Dutchess News.

    Members of the John Jay FFA competed in the District 2 Leadership Development Events a few weeks ago and our students ROCKED IT!! The top 4 in each event advance to the Sub-State Competition and then from there, it's on to States! Please give a huge congratulations to the following students:

    Senior Creed:
    1st - Charlotte Bartush
    2nd - Nicole Pardo
    3rd - Lydia McDonough
    4th - Sara Snowden
    6th - Mikayla LeClair
    8th - Emma Egan
    Agricultural Issues
    1st - John Jay
    2nd - Greenville
    3rd - Middleburgh
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  • JJHS Robotics Team Earns Multiple Awards at the Last Qualifying Tournament!

    Posted by Amy Watkins on 4/6/2021
    It is our pleasure to announce the success of our own John Jay High School FTC Team # 16700 JAYBOTS at the most recent tournament last weekend! The team earned multiple honors, as detailed below:
    1st Place - Connect Award - Kudos to Mili Buguvu for explaining to judges in detail the interaction our team has had with GlobalFoundries engineers as well as the regular and sustained relationship our team members have had with Professors and students from the Engineering & Education Departments at SUNY New Paltz!
    What is the Connect Award? 
    "This judged award is given to the Team that most connects with their local science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) community. A true FIRST team is more than a sum of its parts and recognizes that engaging their local STEM community plays an essential part in their success. The recipient of this award is recognized for helping the community understand FIRST, the FIRST Tech Challenge, and the Team itself. The Team that wins the Connect Award actively seeks and recruits engineers and explores the opportunities available in the world of engineering, science, and technology. This Team has a clear Team plan and has identified steps to achieve their goals." Thank you to our volunteers for their help in this process.
    3rd Place - Think Award - Congratulations to Darren Wang, Mili Buguvu, and Ashish Thomas for carefully detailing the obstacles that the team has faced over the season and how design changes have helped the team to overcome them; they summarized all this in our Engineering Portfolio, and Jared Yeung assisted in organizing the information.  Special Thanks to Matt Laverde for his exposition of all of it during the team interviews.
    3rd Place - Collins Aerospace Innovate Award - Kudos to Darren Wang for his unique idea on a gripper that works in both directions, for manipulating both rings and wobble goals.  Special thanks to those that helped him build and redesign this assembly, namely Silvia Bilenky, Arnav Mishra, and Ashish Thomas.
    Congratulations to the entire team for their hard work! In addition to the names above, thanks go to:
    Anaya Pandya
    Anish Anne
    Dillon Anthony
    Paul Finch
    Robert Zhu
    Samuel Thomas
    Tyler Sammer
    Please join us in congratulating these students and let them know how much our community appreciates their efforts. 

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