John Jay & RCK FBLA State Competition Results

Posted by Amy Watkins on 4/12/2021

John Jay & Roy C. Ketcham
Future Business Leaders 

State Competition Results from 2021

The state competition for FBLA is ordinarily a 3-day trip to a convention center in Rochester, NY.  A sea of nearly 800 students all dressed in fresh business attire, scurry between competition rooms, business meetings, meals, break-out sessions, political campaign events, and evening dances. The competitions fall into five categories: objective tests, project presentations, interviews, speeches, and individual or team simulations. Many of the competitions require that students place at regionals or attain a high score on a multiple-choice test to earn the right to present to live judges who are volunteers from the local business community with expertise in the topic. 

In 2020, the competition was scheduled for early April. There was just not enough time to recreate the whole event online. But this year NYS FBLA was ready! Instead of being three days of madness, the competition was spread out over three weeks - mostly during after-school hours. With the event being held online for only a nominal cost per student, participation was higher this year, with nearly 1000 competitors. 

Students donned their professional attire and created pre-recorded project videos or joined zoom calls for interviews and live simulations. NYS FBLA contracted with a software company to give all objective tests online. The scariest events had prompts announced at 7 pm and professionally dressed teams had to devise a plan, produce an instant video of their simulation on zoom, publish it to YouTube, and submit the link before the deadline at 9 pm.  

Our Parliamentary Procedure team experienced a power outage in the middle of this instant video process, but even the power grid couldn’t take them down! Those affected jumped on cell phones and tossed the video recording job to alternate team members. Di Chen, Carl DeMarco Jr., Aryan Gupta, Sanjay Natesan, and Sydney O’Connor turned that roller coaster ride into a 1st place trophy! They are super excited to represent New York State at the National FBLA competition in July together with all students earning 1st through 4th place awards in their events. 5th place finishers are alternates and may be called up to Nationals if a spot opens.  

Even amidst all the changes in the format and the increased number of competitors this year, John Jay High School still excelled. We earned more first-place trophies than ever before, and we had more people place in live events and events requiring professional speaking than we ever did before. 

A special thank you and congratulations also go to Ms. Jocelyn Humphries who has supported and provided guidance to ensure the success of these students!

And now... the NYS FBLA STATE COMPETITION awards went to...

From Roy C. Ketcham

4th Place - Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure - Eric Johnston 

4th Place - Introduction to FBLA - Eric Johnston 

From John Jay


1st Place - Impromptu Speaking - Simal Patel

Live Interviews

1st Place - Client Services - Vasuhda Kilambi

4th Place - Job Interview - Gianna De Nivo

4th Place - Help Desk - Ayushi Pandya

Instant Simulations

1st Place - Entrepreneurship - Sanjay Natesan

1st Place - Parliamentary Procedure Team - Di Chen, Carl DeMarco Jr., Aryan Gupta, Sanjay Natesan, and Sydney O’Connor

4th Place - Management Decision Making Team - Rohan Ganesan & Carl DeMarco Jr.

5th Place - Banking and Finance Team - Brandon Cheung, Ashley Qiu, and Samuel Thomas

Project Presentations

4th Place - Introduction to Business Presentations - Sydney O’Connor

Individual Objective Tests

1st Place - Network Infrastructure - Simal Patel

3rd Place - Computer Problem Solving - Robert Zhu

3rd Place - Cyber Security - Robert Zhu

3rd Place - Parliamentary Procedure Rules & Interpretation - Sanjay Natesan

3rd Place - Political Science - Carl DeMarco Jr.

4th Place - Parliamentary Procedure Rules & Interpretation - Carl DeMarco Jr.

5th Place - Insurance & Risk Management - Shirley Smit

5th Place - Supply Chain Management - Vasudha Kilambi

Special Award

Each year, NYS FBLA interviews a highly selective group of accomplished students for the Future Business Leader award. Our own co-president, Rohan Ganesan, placed 3rd in this esteemed group. 

I would also like to give a hearty congratulations to our students who earned regional awards for District 3N: Gabrielle Sweeney earned 2nd Place in Introduction to Public Speaking, Silvia Bilenkey earned 3rd Place in Introduction to Decision Making, and Kathryn Erich earned 4th Place in Public Speaking.

We are so proud of our whole Johy Jay FBLA Competition team. They learned new technologies and adapted to new procedures while keeping their eyes on the prize.

Thank you to every John Jay High School teacher, club advisor, and coach who trained our students up to be this awesome in reading, following technical directions, computation, debate, social skills, business and computer science topics, technology, art, public speaking, a passion for learning, personal polish, teamwork, and optimism about their abilities in this world. It takes a village and you brought it this year too!

Watching our students work like this, you know that whatever calamity the world has to throw at us next, humanity is going to be just fine!

Go John Jay!