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     Hello Parents and Community Members...
    We want your feedback.  Please review the information below and send any questions / comments to plans@wcsdny.org 

    In May of 2015 the WCSD set out to create a committee to discuss the priorities of how the Wappingers Central School District should spend the $5,327,266.00 we have been allocated as part of the Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA).  The SSBA was passed by the voters of New York State in the November of 2014 general election.  

    The SSBA is now part of the 2014-15 NYS Enacted Budget. (L. 2014, ch. 56, Parts B and C). The Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA) authorizes the issuance of $2 billion of general obligation bonds to finance improvements in educational technology and building infrastructure, with the end goal of improving learning opportunities for students throughout the state (The Wappingers Portion is once again $5,327,266.00).

    New York State has created the Smart Schools Website which includes all of the details about the SSBA..  Included on this site is the SSBA Guidance Document which decribes the desire / need for all stakeholders to be included in the decisions our district makes in spending these funds.  The SSBA Committee (SSBAC) is one of the requirements outlined in the guidance document, and is a group consisting of parents, community members, teachers, and administrators.  

    One of the main outcomes of this committee will be to assist in the creation of the “Smart Schools Improvement Plan (SSIP)”, which is a document the district must submit in order to request funding for any projects related to the spending of SSBA money.  A district can submit multiple SSIP's to NYSED until all of the allocated funds are encumbered.  


    Smart Schools Implementation Plan # 3 Details: 

    A presentation was made at the September 26, 2016 Wappingers Board of Education meeting outlining our third SSIP for which we will bee seeking community input and ultimately NYSED approval. The proposed scope of this plan is to purchase additional Chromebook Carts for the elementary buildings as well as additional carts for Wappingers Jr. This plan will also include the purchase of Chromebooks for our elementary teachers to use for curriculum development and planning. Lastly, the plan also requests the purchase of new radio communications systems including handheld radios for the district in order to improve communication in case of an emergency. A copy of the SSIP can be found here: 

    Wappingers CSD SSIP #3

    Components of our SSIP #3 Submittal
    Add additional Chrome Carts to our elementary buildings
    a) Issue to be addressedAccess to student devices is limited in our elementary buildings. The student-to-device ratio in 80% of our elementary schools is above the district average, which impedes students from having regular access to devices for class assignments. 

    b) SSBAC Recommended Solution: Allocate $450,000 for the purchase of 1,210 Chrome devices and Carts which will improve overall access to student devices in each elementary building as well as Wappingers Junior. In addition, 220 devices will be purchased for elementary teachers so that they can develop plans and prepare lessons in line with the technology available to the students. 

    Improve upon the district's radio capabilities in emergency situations 

    a) Issue to be addressed: Radio communications between buildings across the district are vastly limited due to equipment limitations. Therefore buildings cannot communicate between one another via hand held radios (walkie talkies) in emergency situations. 

    b) SSBAC Recommended Solution: Allocate $200,200.00 to purchase the appropriate equipment including repeaters, licensing, and additional hand held radios to improve communication between buildings throughout the district in case of an emergency. 

    UPDATE (3.29.2017) - Per the New York State Department of Education, the plans to improve the district's radio capabilities were denied under the pretense that the radios and related equipment did not meet the parameters set forth by the Smart Schools office. 
    UPDATE (4.5.2017) - During the Board of Education meeting on April 3, 2017 the board passed a resolution relating to SSBA Plan #3 which stated: 
    WHEREAS the Board of Education approved the Smart Schools Bond Act Implementation Plan #3 on November 7, 2016; and
    WHEREAS the Office of Educational Management Services of the New York State Education Department has deemed that the radios requested in the plan are not consistent with the guidance for High-Tech Security projects under the Smart Schools Bond Act and therefore are not eligible for funding under the Smart Schools Bond Act;
    NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Wappingers Board of Education hereby approves the Smart Schools Bond Act Implementation Plan #3, as revised.
    The revised plan is as follows: Wappingers CSD SSIP #3 - REVISED  
    Smart Schools Implementation Plan # 2 Details:
    A presentation was made at the 6/20/2016 Wappingers Board of Education Meeting outlining our second SSIP for which we will be seeking community input and ultimately NYSED approval.  The proposed scope of this plan is to add visitor vestibules to 13 of our school buildings which do not currently have one (Wappingers Jr. HS is the only school which has a vestibule).  A copy of this SSIP plan can be found here:
    To compliment this plan, please see the following pdf that shows the conceptual foot print for the new vestibules at each school.  The design phase of this plan will determine the exact look and feel of each entrance, but that will not be developed until this plan is approved by NYSED.
    Components of our SSIP #2 Submittal
    Adding visitor vestibules to buildings which do not have one.
    a) Issue To Be Addressed: Visitor management continues to be a security concern in our schools. The main entrance doors to our schools are still opened far often than necessary so that we may accept packages and visitors into our schools. 
    b) SSBAC Recommended Solution: Allocate $1,2000,000 (Budgetary figure based on estimates provided by Rhinebeck Architecture and Planning PC) of the SSBA funds to either add vestibules to existing lobbies or to redesign main entrances to accommodate the addition of vestibules to all of our schools (Wappingers Jr. HS already has an adequate vestibule).


    • Add a visitor management kiosk inside each vestibule
    • Provide a drop off location for supplies / packages inside the vestibule area.
    • Provide a reception window to the main offices where applicable
    • Provide an extra layer of security without allowing visitors to have immediate access to the inside of the school building.



    Smart Schools Implementation Plan # 1 Details: 

    Our SSIP Plan # 1 was approved by NYSED on 5/11/2016, As of 9/26/2016 a majority of this work has been completed.  We are only waiting on door hardware changes at one of our schools.  All interactive panels were installed and operational by the end of the first week of the 2016-2017 school year.   
    A presentation was made at the 12/14/2015 Wappingers Board of Education Meeting outlining the first SSIP for which we will be seeking community input and ultimately NYSED approval.  A copy of this SSIP plan can be found here:

    Wappingers CSD SSIP #1 (Uploaded 12/15/2015)

    Components of our SSIP #1 Submittal

    Interactive Whiteboards and Displays In Every Classroom:
    a)  Issue To Be Addressed:  In May of 2015 the district conducted a classroom survey that identified 141 classrooms which still lacked interactive display technology in the front of the classroom.  The SSBAC has reached consensus that we need to provide equitable access to this technology in every classroom.  The district also realizes that we have a large number of classrooms where the existing technology is no longer functioning. 
    b)  SSBAC Recommended Solution:  Allocate $900,000 (Budgetary figure based on 200 classrooms X $4500 / classroom) of the SSBA funds to acquire interactive whiteboards and other display technology to ensure that all classrooms have adequate and equitable instructional technology resources in each classroom.
     District Wide Intruder Cores:
    a)  Issue To Be Addressed:  Our faculty and staff lack the ability to physically lock a classroom door from inside the classroom itself.  In addition our faculty and staff lack the ability to lock any common area space such as a restroom or cafeteria door during an emergency.  During an emergency situation faculty must first open their classroom door to double check that the handle is in fact locked, leaving a window of opportunity for them to be exposed to a hazardous condition.
    b)  SSBAC Recommended Solution:  Allocate $550,000 (Budgetary figure based on 2000 doors X $275 / door) of the districts SSBA funds to install district wide intruder cores in every door that will allow any employee with an existing district key to lock any classroom or common space (ie: restrooms, or offices) from the inside of the room.  This is a simple solution that can make a big difference in a situation where every second counts.

     SSBA Funding Balance
    WCSD Initial Allocation$5,327,266 
    SSIP #1  (As per draft on 12/15/2015)$1,450,000
    SSIP #2 (As per presentation from 6/20/2016) $1,200,000 
    SSIP #3 (As per presentation from 9/26/2016)       $650,200
    Private and Parochial Allocation (If $3.1 Million of SSBA is spent on Learning Technology).  The balance below does not include this figure subtracted, it is a possible expenditure, but not an actual allocation.$197,250
    Private and Parochial Allocation Adjusted (Based on SSIP 1)$63,120
     Private and Parochial Allocation Adjusted (Based on SSIP 3) $29,982
    Balance of Funds$1,933,964
    Balance of Private and Parochial funds (If the district meets the maximum spending criteria in the instructional technology category of the SSBA).  This total is subject to change based on district spending priorities in the other categories. $104,148

    Thank you for reviewing this information.  We will be adding an F&Q section below as questions come in.