• WCSD 2016-17 Budget Information
    As we begin the budget planning process, please check back for updates and additions to this web page.
    Budget Vote: Tuesday, May 17, 2016
    The annual School Budget vote and Board of Education election are held each year on the third Tuesday in May.  If you have any questions about the budget or any of the materials found on this website please email us at budget@wcsdny.org 
     Important Dates Meeting Topic
     January 11, 2016 General Support & Instruction Budget Presentation 
     February 8, 2016  Transportation & Undistributed Budget Presentation 
     March 14, 2016 Vehicle Replacement Plan 2016-2017 Presentation & Superintendent's Recommended Budget
     April 4, 2016 TBD
     April 19, 2016 Board of Education Adoption of the 2016-2017 Budget
     April 26, 2016 Vote on BOCES Administrative Budget and BOCES Board Member Election
     May 3, 2016 Budget Hearing
     May 10, 2016 Budget Newsletter Mailed
     May 17, 2016 Budget Vote
    Community Budget Presentations and Ballot Information Table 
     Date  Place  Time
     Monday, 4/25/16  Roy C. Ketcham HS  7:00 P.M. Presentation
     Monday, 4/25/16  Brinckerhoff Open House   6:30 P.M. Info Table
     Thursday, 4/28/16  PTA Council Meeting at Gayhead  7:00 P.M. Presentation   
     Thursday, 4/28/16  Myers Corners Drama event  6:30 P.M. Info Table
     Monday, 5/2/2016  John Jay HS  7:00 P.M. Presentation
     Monday, 5/9/16  Oak Grove Elementary School  7:00 P.M. Presentation
     Thursday, 5/12/16  Kinry Road Open House  6:00 P.M. Info Table
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    District Enrollment Projections:
    Projected Enrollment (10 year projection) 
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