Medication in Health Office

If it is necessary for students to have medication during the school day, the nurse will cooperate with the physicians and parents; however, certain procedures must be followed.

    • The nurse cannot administer medication unless there is a written order from a doctor and a written request from a parent.
    • The written order, signed by the doctor, should contain the following information:
      • Name of medicine
      • Reason for giving
      • Dosage/time
      • Number of days (may say School Year 20__ to 20__.)

    • The medication must be in its original pharmacy container and brought to the Health Office by an adult.

    • Unless specifically ordered by the student's doctor, students are not permitted to self-administer any type of medication without supervision, whether it be prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

    • If the student's doctor feels the student is capable and knowledgeable in self-administering their medication, the doctor MUST attest to that. The medication form available on this page has an area for the doctor to do this as well as an area for the parent to agree with and give their permission for in-school administration of medication. Otherwise, the doctors must include that in their orders.
    • Students are not permitted to share, use or distribute medication on school property.
                        *** ALL DOCTORS ORDERS ARE VALID FOR THE CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR AND MUST BE RE-WRITTEN EACH SCHOOL YEAR. ***        The school year starts in September and ends in June.