• The Health Office is open during school hours from 7:25am to 2:25pm. 

    The Health Office is located on the first floor in the Main Office Hallway, just past the Main Office on the left and across from one of the gym entrances.   Two full-time registered nurses and a part-time secretary trained in first aid, staff the Health Office. 

    The Health Office provides the following services:

    • Provide first-aid care for students who are injured or ill while under school supervision.
    • Provide assessment and health recommendations for students and families. 
    • Provide education on various medical ailments, infection control including proper hand hygiene. 
    • Provide emotional support. 
    • Maintenance of health records includes immunizations for each student.
    • Notifies parents of any apparent physical abnormality.
    • Assists doctors in the administration of health examinations.
    • Administering of medications ordered by the student's physician.
    • Conducts mandated NYS screening if not provided/performed by a private physician.