• If students feel ill during class, they should get a pass from their classroom teacher and report to the Health Office.  If they feel ill during the change of classes, they should go to their next class to obtain a pass from their teacher; they then have to go directly to the Health Office.  A pass is always required to enter the Health office!

    If the student is so ill they are not able to get to class first, they have to go directly to the Health Office. Students should not go to the lavatories or other locations in the building in order to recover from their illnesses.

    In the event that the student has a temperature greater or equal to 100 and/or diarrhea/vomiting, a parent will be contacted for that child to be picked up.  If your child calls you from the Health Office, it does not mean they have to go home. Sometimes your child may just need to speak with you, or they may want medicine for a headache.

    All calls to parents for pick up due to illness must be made through the Health Office, not by students' cell-phones.

    **Only those contacts on the Emergency Card are allowed to pick up your child.


    Students have to inform the teacher who is supervising their activity immediately after any accident or injury.  After supervising teachers have been informed, students must report to the nurse in the Health Office.