Keep Calm because English Is Fun

Free Time Activities!

  • Check out these ideas and websites that will lead you to a variety of online word games, videos, and activities to help keep your English skills sharp!

    • iReady is a wonderful resource.  It is always available with customized lessons for each student.  Especially since you are familiar with it, please try to complete a few lessons!
    • Read!  Try to read every day!  Reading is one of the most important things students can do to increase and maintain skills.  I know your Independent Reading books are at school, but take a look around your house or explore some online books.
    • Check out the NewsELA website.  You can use your Google account/school email to set up a free account and read various articles on all types of content, including current events
    • Click on the "ELA Fun" tab on the left, and it will link you to online English games and activities 
    • Journaling is an excellent way to not only be creative, but to keep your writing skills honed.  You can get daily journaling topics at this webpage:
    • Word Game Time 
    • Sheppard's software
    • Nussbaum
    • word clouds
    • word clouds 
    • Tagxedo - word clouds 
    • Free Rice 
    • spelling city - vocabulary