• Materials 2022-2023 

    Students must come to class each day with the following materials.  Do not come to class unprepared or needing to go to your locker—class begins when the bell rings.  I will not be supplying pens/pencils--you are responsible for bringing these materials to class each and every day because I only have a limited supply of additional materials to share.



    • Pencils, erasers, and pens (black/blue ink only)
    • Independent Reading Book (Can be from home or the library)
    • Cheap headphones/earbuds for iReady only



    • A planner (to write down assignments/due dates, and stay organized)
    • A notebook specifically for English class, not to be shared with any other subject
    • Tissues (to be donated to class)
    • Package of pencils (to be donated to class)