• WERCS - The Wappingers Elementary Report Card System
      • This is the last year the district will use this report card system. The district will use Schooltool's report card system in the 2011-12 school year.
      • All report card drop-down comments and manuals, with the exception of the 4th grade's, are unchanged from the 2009-10 school year. The summer institute recommended some 4th grade changes and that report card and manual have been updated - with two exceptions (see the note on the report card manuals page; the link is on the left side of this page).

      Logging In
      • The report cards - all of them, whether regular education, special education, art, music, or physical education - require only one log in screen and one login - and that one uses your personal account name and password. Contact the Help Desk if you do you have problems logging in.
      • To log into your report cards, click on the Entry link on the left side of this page.
        • Up comes a popup security box that is looking for a user name and password.
        • Entering your user name and password will take you to your class.

      Entry Guidelines
      • WHEN USING SYMBOLS beyond a number or letter (such as the "+" sign in "B+"), use only plus and minus signs.
      • DO NOT use the following at all:
      • Spaces (for example, do not use "A +" when you mean "A+" or " B" when you mean "B").
      • Underscores (for example, do not use "C_" when you mean "C-")
      • Equals signs (for example, do not use "B=" when you mean "B-")
      • Regular and Special Education report cards have a new grading option for ESL students of "E" (meaning, "ESL Student - No grade given during this marking period"). The grade should only be used in schools with ESL programs and only with students in that program.

      Entering Comments
      • You can see (but not edit) comments from previous marking periods by clicking in the "Comments from other quarters" box in the upper right hand corner of any comments page.
      • Your report cards will work best if you use the following maximum for comments:
        • Reading and language arts: up to 8 in the left-hand column and 8 in the right
        • Math: 6 and 6
        • Science and social studies: 4 and 4
        • General comments: 150 words

      When You Are Done
      • Return to the Index page for your class and click Exit. This will allow other teachers to log on more easily.

      What Happens Next?
      - and how can I change something?

      • At the close of the report card entry period, the Help Desk will turn off rights to make report card changes (teachers can still view their report cards, however).
      • Help Desk staff will print report cards to networked copiers at each elementary school. The copiers will store the print jobs until that school's main office clerical staff initiate the actual print order.
      • About a week after printing, the Help Desk will prepare a CD for each school containing Adobe Acrobat copies of the school's report cards.
      • If a teacher needs to make a report card change after a marking period has ended, the request must be made by email from the school principal to the Director of Technology.

      Getting in Touch with TSS

      WERCS Background
      • WERCS replaced a report card system based on MS Word forms at the start of the 2005-6 school year.
      • WERCS incorporates standards-based performance indicators specific to each grade from kindergarten through fifth, Bridge (a K-1 transitional program), and three special education programs (Aging-In, Self-Contained 1, and Self-Contained 2). It has multiple faces: a web side that makes it easy for teachers to enter grades and comments and a printed report card side that makes it easy for parents to understand student progress.
      • WERCS was crafted by a committee of teachers and administrators, chaired by Dr. Lloyd Jaeger, and reviewed by members of the district's PTA
      • WERCS was developed by Charles Hill, using FileMaker Pro.
      • WERCS benefits greatly from ongoing support and suggestions from the DoIT Help Desk staff, clerical staff from throughout the district, and elementary school teachers