• Frequently Asked Questions for Active Employees
    Can I make changes to my health insurance?
    Changes, outside of a “qualifying event” (see below), can only be made during open enrollment. While you can delete a dependent at any time, the district requires proof that the deleted person has insurance.

    What/When is open enrollment?
    May is the District’s health insurance open enrollment period, during which District employees and retirees may switch health insurance plans, change their level of coverage, or enroll for coverage. The effective date of any changes made during the May open enrollment period will be July 1.

    What is a “qualifying event”?
    The following are “qualifying events”: new hire, involuntary loss of alternative coverage, marriage, birth, adoption, divorce, or death. 

    What do I do when I get married?
    Notifying HR of your marriage does not automatically get your spouse enrolled in your health insurance. You must go onto the RKX and add your new spouse. Your spouse must be added within 45 days of your marriage. The effective date of your new spouse’s insurance is the date of your marriage.  Enrollment is not complete until the district receives a copy of your marriage license. Note: Your name on your health insurance must be the same as your name with the district. 

    How do I enroll my new born?
    The new born should be enrolled on your insurance as soon as possible. You must go onto the RKX and add your new baby. You have 45 days from the birth to enroll the new born. A copy of the birth certificate is needed. DO NOT STALL ADDING YOUR BABY BECAUSE YOU DO NOT HAVE THE BABY’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE OR SS#. 

    My child is turning 26 – what happens?
    Your child can remain on your policy until the last day of the month when they turn 26. Proof that they are a college student is no longer needed. They have the option to remain on your policy till age 29, but at 100% of the cost.

    What should I do if I divorce?
    You must go onto the RKX and remove your ex-spouse. This must be done once the divorce is finalized. You have 45 days from the date your divorce is finalized to remove your ex-spouse. A copy of the divorce decree should be sent along with your ex-spouse’s current address. Note: Your name on your health insurance must be the same as your name with the district.

    What do I do when someone on the policy dies?
    The health insurance office should be informed when anyone covered on the policy passes. 

    What if the person who dies is the policy holder?
    In the event the employee (active or retired) passes the district will offer the “Surviving Spouse” the opportunity to continue coverage at 100% of the cost. District subsidized coverage ends the last day of the month of the indivudual's death.*

    Failure to notify the health insurance office of a divorce or death could cause the District to pay the insurance company a significantly higher family premium when only the individual premium should be paid.  In such cases, the District may seek to recoup from you all improperly paid premiums.