• Frequently Asked Questions
    (This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents.)
    What should I do if I am absent from class?
    First, check the website and/or google classroom to see what assignment(s) you missed and call a friend (if possible) to find out what you missed in class. When you return to school, check to see if there is a paper for you in the absent folder located in the back of the classroom.  For a one day absence, I expect all make-up work by the day after you return to school.

    What if I don't understand something we have been learning?
    The best thing to do is to tell me in class (or after class) that something is unclear.  That way I can try to explain it further/in a different way.  I am also available for extra help outside of class.  Come see me to plan a time and place.  (Note: try to schedule as far in advance as possible, NOT the day of.)

    What if I am absent the day there is a test or quiz?
    For a one day absence when the test/quiz was announced several days in advance, you should take it the day you return to school.  If that is not possible, you can take it one day later.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TELL ME THAT YOU NEED TO MAKE UP A TEST/QUIZ.  Make-ups will usually need to be scheduled for times outside of your regular class period (before school, after school, during lunch or study hall periods).  Tests/Quizzes not made up within any 5 week period will be recorded as a zero.

    What is the best way to learn new vocabulary?
    Making flashcards with the Spanish on one side and either the English or a picture on the other side works well.  You can also check out quizlet.com for online flashcards and activities (my username is RileyWCSD).  Practice saying the word out loud and writing it.  I will break the lists up into smaller, more manageable segments and assign a little at a time.  Don't wait until the last minute to learn all of them!  If you can tell me the Spanish word when I give you the English, then you know the words well.

    What final assessments do we have at the end of each year?
    7th Grade Spanish- District Final Assessment (Project)
    8th Grade Spanish- Proficiency Assessment (Students must take and pass the proficiency assessment in addition to the course, in order to earn high school credit for graduation)
    Spanish 1 (at the high school)- District Final  Assessment
    Spanish 2- District Final Assessment
    What if I am caught cheating on a test, quiz or assignment?
    I take cheating very seriously.  If I find that you have cheated on any assignment, test, quiz, project, etc., you will receive a zero for that assignment.  Your parents will also be notified.  Cheating (even on a small assignment, such as copying someone's homework) can prevent you from being eligible for honors, awards and some groups such as National Honor Society.  It's not worth ruining your future because you got lazy one day.

    What does Señora Riley expect from all students?
    1) Come to class prepared (paper, pen or pencil, notebook, assignments due, etc.)
    2) Be polite and respectful of EVERYONE.
    3) Do your own work.
    4) Try to speak Spanish as much as possible.
    5) No talking out of turn or disrupting the class.
    6) Keep your cell phone turned off and out of sight during class.  Remove any headphones or earbuds during class.