• Dear Students and Families, 

    It has been a few weeks now since we have seen you and we hope everyone is doing well.  The Van Wyck teachers have been working together to create continuity of learning for our students.  

    We have created Self Contained Google classrooms for each of our Self Contained Classes, which will be our main method of providing new material and assignments.  This material will be posted as of this Friday, April 3rd. 

    Please have your students enroll in the classes by opening their school email and using the Google Classroom invite that was sent to them. They can also join their respective classes by logging into classroom.google.com and using the following class codes:

    4th Period Science (Ellis):  446jjkn

    5th Period Math (Ellis):  pfv4rzr

    7th Period ELA (Dalrymple):  rrcrihb

    9th Period SS (Dalrymple):   svlcnht 

    For right now, our plan is to post a new topic each week.  Students can work at their own pace throughout the week, but should try to complete all of the tasks in order to stay current with the material. 

    Students should also be encouraged to email us if they have any questions.  Office hours are from 10:30am until 11:30am. We miss our students and we hope to be back in the classroom soon!

    Stay Safe, 

    Mrs. Dalrymple and Mr. Ellis


    Welcome to Team 7E 
     Please visit our team 7E website for the latest updates, assignments, and information! 
     Name: Carolyn Dalrymple                 
    Subject: Special Education Grade 7
     Contact Information
     Email: carolyn.dalrymple@wcsdny.org      Phone: 845-227-1700