Things to know for SY 2022-23:

    How to find work and homework

    Period 2 & 3: Mr. Graczyk/Mrs. Liebergot Science ~ Go to Google classroom for materials.

    Period 5 & 6  Mr. May/Mrs. Liebergot Social studies ~ Will be posted on Google classroom.

    Period 8 Mrs. Liebergot Resource Room ~ Posted on here

    Period 9 Mrs. Liebergot Reading~ Posted on here



    For information for the current school year, 2022-2023 check Google Classrooms:

    Mrs. Ann Liebergot


    Subject: Social Studies ICT 5th & 6th period, Science ICT 2nd & 3rd, Resource Room 8th and Reading 9th.

    Email: ann.liebergot@wcsdny.org

    Phone: 845-227-1700  X50947



    1st period TC Prep

    2nd ICT Science

    3rd ICT Science

    4th Prep

    5th ICT SS

    6th ICT SS

    7th Prep

    8th Resource Room

    9th Reading