Things to know about SY 2023-24:

    How to find work and homework

    Period 2 & 3: Mr. Graczyk/Mrs. Liebergot Science ~ Go to Google classroom for materials. 

    Period 5 & 7 Mrs. Liebergot Reading~ All work will be completed during class time. BUT please encourage your child to read daily.

    Period 9 Mrs. Liebergot Resource Room ~ Email communication to provide information about work that should be worked on at home. (TOR will reach out as well)

    For information, check student's Google Classrooms:

    Mrs. Ann Liebergot

    Special Education Teacher  In Charge
    Team 8 Green Van Wyck
    National Board Certified Teacher 
    Secondary-At-Large WCT


    Subject: Science ICT 2nd & 3rd, Resource Room 9th and Reading 5th & 7th.

    Email: ann.liebergot@wcsdny.org

    Contact phone: 201-870-0189  

    School Phone: 845-227-1700




    1st  TC Duties

    2nd ICT Science  Room 220

    3rd ICT Science   Room 220

    4th Prep

    5th Reading         Room 202

    6th Lunch

    7th Reading         Room 202

    8th Prep

    9th Resource room   Room 202