Art 8
                  VWJH Phone:(845) 227-1700
               Quarter 3 students:
       Please join my Google Classroom.
     Welcome Letter to Students and Parents
        I hope you and your family are well. I'm Mrs. Wood- some of you may remember seeing me in the building last year or have this year in a cohort. It is my goal to get you the information you need to be successful in this course, and to help you navigate through our art class together.
         Attendance will be taken every day during the first 5 minutes of your art period. Ifyou do arrive late, please send me a message in chat or an email. Otherwise, if I don't see you come on, you will remain marked absent. 
     Here are the codes; these will be removed after Friday, Feb. 5th to maintain secure classrooms.
        Per. 3   ryx45vv     
        Per. 4   lowvami    
        Per. 6   miebxmi    
        Per. 7   n66oc4u   
        Per. 8   elomq22      
       I have personally sent an invite to each student. Please join as soon as possible!
       Since it can not be expected that all students have access to art supplies, assignments will be limited to pencil, colored pencils and pen/marker work for now. Bags will be available to ALL students- cohort or all remote.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Mrs. Beverly Wood
    8th Grade Art Teacher