• About the School Counseling Office:
    Our vision is for all students to become independent thinkers and to be responsible, productive, and respectful members of the community. We strive to have our students feel confident and empowered so that they can reach their highest potential.  School Counselors provide services to all seventh and eighth grade students and are available throughout the school day to give students the academic and social supports they need to help them be successful in school. During the school year, school counselors run groups that address various student issues and also set up presentations for students and families to receive information on different topics such as organization of school work, managing stress, and college admissions.  Counselors work on student schedules in order to support a successful school year.  Parents are welcome to make an appointment with their child's school counselor to discuss any academic, social or scheduling issues.  School Counselor assignments are by team and noted on the staff information page. 
    Quarter 1 Report Cards are now available on Parent Portal.
    Quarter 2 Progress Reports will be available on Parent Portal Thursday, January 4th.