• Absence from school

    It is NOT necessary for you to call an absence in to the Attendance Office each time your child is absent. Please have them return to school with a note to the Attendance Office stating:

    • Date note is written
    • Student’s name (first & last)
    • Date(s) of absence
    • Student identification number
    • Reason for absence
    • Signature of parent 

    Missed Homework

    • Students who are out of school for one day only should contact other students for class work/homework assignments, check teacher web-site if available, or see their teachers immediately upon returning to school.
    • If your child has been absent for 2 or more consecutive days, you may call the Guidance Office to request homework (ext. 20108). The Guidance secretary will request the students' teachers to submit all homework assignments to the Guidance Office before the end of the day.
     What is an Excused Absence?
    • Excused absences include:
    • Illness of student;
    • Illness or death in family/immediate and extended/significant other;
    • Urgent medical appointment, which is documented as unable to be scheduled outside the school day;
    • Documented religious observance;
    • Documented mandatory legal circumstances;
    • Documented quarantine;
    • Impassible roads;
    • Other absences which may have been approved by the Commissioner of Education.
    All other absences, including vacation, are unexcused absences.

    You can read more details about absences in the Van Wyck Student Handbook.