• The Wappingers Central School District has a commitment to provide a comprehensive education for all students. In keeping with this commitment, the District provides a continuum of special education services to those students who have been identified by the Committee on Special Education as students with disabilities. The program and services are specified in the students’ Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The instructional program for these students, where appropriate, is based on the same instructional objectives as the general education program. Necessary modifications in materials, curriculum, teaching strategies, and grading are made as appropriate. Supplementary aids and services are also used as per each student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to allow access to regular education curriculum in the least restrictive environment.

    Special Education Programs

    Resource Room

    Resource Room is specialized supplementary instruction in a small group setting scheduled for a portion of the school day.

    Integrated Co-teaching

    The Integrated Co-teaching programs at Van Wyck Junior High School and at Wappingers Junior High School provides special education support to classified students in a general education setting. Grade level support is provided by a special education teacher in collaboration with a general education teacher. Teaching assistants are assigned to the general education team. Students in an Integrated Co-teaching setting generally have mild to moderate disabilities with no significant behavioral needs.

    Special Class – 1-12-1

    A 1-12-1 special class is a class consisting of no more than 12 students with disabilities who have been grouped together because of similar individual needs for the purpose of being provided specially designed instruction. 1.12.1

    Intensive Instruction

    This district special class program housed at Van Wyck Junior High School focuses on the acquisition of academic skills as well as life skills. Students have classes in English, Reading, Math, Social Studies and Science. Students in the 1.12.1 Intensive Instruction class also receive on-site work experience at Van Wyck.