•  Aileen Basuljevic

      (Mrs. B)

    School Librarian

      Yearbook Adviser

      Multicultural Club Adviser

    Should you need anything please email me at aileen.basuljevic@wcsdny.org or call 845-227-1700 x-20134



    My name is Aileen Basuljevic (aka Mrs. B to my students). This is my 20th year as the school librarian at VWJHS. I am so excited to be back and able to share with students not only exciting new books, but also to help students become independent researchers, expert digital citizens and life-long learners while engaging in the 4 C's: collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking and social and emotional learning activities.

    The mission of the library is to set students on a path to becoming lifelong learners by helping them to understand how to locate, access, evaluate, synthesize and utilize information and always encouraging them to READ, READ, and READ some more while letting their creative juices flow. 

    I suggest students visit the library/OPALS web site often. They can access the library/OPALS web site at http://wvwjhs.opals.wappingersschools.org/bin/home?2291Nav=|&NodeID=205

    Students will find that the library/OPALS web site will help them to locate and identify what resources are available in the library. A wonderful tool to have when a teacher is requiring students to borrow books for independent reading or for projects. 

    One of the links on my page that will be utilized most often, will be the link to the databases that are available. Please encourage your children to use reliable sources when conducting research online. This will be one of the most important lessons I will teach over the course of the school year.

    Also, be sure to check out the RADCAB link on the left for assistance with evaluating web sites.

    Should you need to contact me, please do so using the above e-mail link or telephone number.

    Thank you. 

    Be well,

    Mrs. B

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    Information Literacy Skills:


    *Google Apps for Education (Slides, Forms, Sites, Jamboard, etc.)

    *OPALS - Online Catalog (Locating what I need in the library)

    *Print Resources (Reference; Primary sources; Secondary sources; Other non-fiction sources)

    *Online Resources (Databases; Search Engines; Evaluation; Keyword Search)

    *Digital Citizenship

    * STEAM Days


    *Research Projects - WISER Research Model

    Wonder Investigate Synthesize Express Review