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    MLA Citation Style


    WHAT is a WORKS CITED list? 

    When you use information that you found in a book, a newspaper article or on
    a web site or database, you must give credit to the author(s) for the ideas.

    HOW important is the WORKS CITED list?

    Citing your sources in a bibliography/works cited page shows respect for
    other people's intellectual property. Intellectual property is the basic
    right of all people to own their own thoughts and ideas.

    HOW do I create a WORKS CITED list?

    Every source (book, magazine, encyclopedia, newspaper, web site, database)
    has information that identifies it as being different from every other
    source. That includes the author's name, the title, page numbers, and other
    similar details.


    Prepared by Mrs. Basuljevic – January 2023

             How to create a bibliography or works cited page MLA (Modern Language Association) Style:

    •  Double space the entire page. Times New Roman font. 12 pt.

    •  Under the MLA heading center the title Works Cited

    •  Arrange sources/citations in alphabetical order by author's last name.

    •  If no author, alphabetize by title. Ignore a, an, and the when alphabetizing by title.

    •  Punctuation marks and font style are important. Be sure to use commas, italics, quotations and periods.

    •  The second and following lines of each entry should be indented

    •  The Works Cited is the last page/slide in any paper/project



          Sample Works Cited with MLA Heading:



    Your Name


    Your Teacher


    Date    (DDMMYY)               

                                                                                          Works Cited


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