• Week 4:

    Regents: We will wrap up multiplying and dividing integers on Monday, then Review chapter 1 on Tuesday. There will be a test on Wednesday this week on the integers and all their operations. Thursday we will do a quick introduction to chapter 2, and then have iReady Testing on Friday

    Honors: We will move onto adding, and subtracting fractions and decimals - working with both positive and negative rational numbers.  Word Problems and real life application will be emphasized in all assignments and activities. iReady testing will take place on Friday.


    Week 1-3: 

    Regents: Students learned about integers and all of their operations.  Our first chapter test will be 9/29.  It will consist of absolute value, integer operations and word problems

    Honors: Students had their first test this week on chapter 1 (integers).  Moving into chapter 2 we will be learning about rational numbers and then repeating the operations with those rational numbers.  Our second chapter test is tentatively scheduled for October 7th.


    **Please check google classroom for a digital copy of all notes and assignments**