• Week 23:

    Regents: Students are reviewing chapter 5 on Monday and Tuesday, then taking a test on Wednesday.  We will then move into our percents unit to learn about things like tax, tip, mark-up, discounts, etc...

    Honors: On Monday, students are reviewing the first part of their geometry unit on circles and composite figures.  There is a test on Tuesday and we will then move onto a unit on Probability.

    Please check the Team 7 Green Homepage for Daily HW updates.

    Week 22:

    Regents: Students are continuing with unit rate, and proportionality to us in real-world context. There will be a test next week Tuesday, 2/15 on Chapter 5 (Ratios and Proportions)

    Honors: Students will be continuing into their Geometry unit.  We will be looking at composite figures this week to determine both area and perimeter.  There will be a test next week Tuesday, 2/15 on Chapter 8 (Circles and composite figures)

    Please check the Team 7 Green Homepage for Daily HW updates.

    Week 21:

    Regents: Students are continuing with unit rate, and proportionality by seeing how direct variation relates to both of these concepts.

    Honors: Students will be working into their Geometry unit.  We will start with Circles and determine how we can use algebra in order to solve for certain measurements.

    *I-Ready testing is this week Friday, 2/4.

    Week 20:

    Regents: Students are learning about proportional and non-proportional relationships.  They will be examining tables and graphs to see how they are proportional and applying skills from our proportion unit. 

    Honors: Students are wrapping up their percents unit with simple interest.  A review of the chapter will be done on Wednesday, followed by a Test on Thursday

    *I-Ready testing is this week Friday, 1/28.

    Week 15:

    Regents: Students will begin to learn about inequalities and make connections with our unit on equations.  Equations and inequalities are very similar except that we can graph inequalities and one small twist that we will learn by the end of the week

    Honors: Students will look into graphing proportional relationships that we learned about last week and how direct variation is very similar to our content on proportional relationships.  We will start to look at scale drawings as well.

    Week 14:

    Regents: Review our chapter 3 and test on Friday 12/10.

    Honors: Continue on rates and then into solving proportions.  Quiz on 12/9

    Week 13:

    Regents: Two-step equations and introduction to word problems

    Honors: Begin our unit on ratios and proportions by learning about rates

    Week 12:

    Regents: This week we will be doing quick lessons to wrap up our two step equations work.  Following the break students will be using previous knowledge on simplifying expressions to solve multi-step equations.

    Honors: We will review our short inequalities unit on Monday, and have a test on inequalities on Tuesday.

    Have a restful Thanksgiving break!

    Week 11:

    Regents: This week we are moving from one-step equations to two-step equations.  Students will be using many of the same strategies from solving one-step equations to help them with the two-step equations.  All lessons/HW are posted to google classroom.

    Honors: We begin our unit on inequalities this week.  We start with a basic review of inequalities and what their graphs look like, and by the end of thr week will be doing 2 step inequalities and word problems.  The inequalites chapter follows closely with the equations work, with minor differences that students use classtime to discover themselves.  There will be a test next week on Tuesday before going on Thanksgiving break for this short chapter.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me via email (nicholas.orlando@wcsdny.org) if you have any questions.

    Week 10: First week of quarter 2.

    Regents: This week we will begin to add and subtract the algebraic expressions that we were working with last week.  We will learn how this is very similar to combining like terms and that students can use the same properties we learned last week to complete this content.  There will be a quiz on 11/12 - a study guide for that quiz will go out on Monday and be due before the quiz on Friday.  As a reminder, students are allowed to use calculators on their HW.

    Honors: We will review chapter 3 on Monday, and then wrap up the chapter on Tuesday with a test.  After the completion of chapter 3, we will begin with inequalities.  There are a few rules for inequalities that change from equations, but students will find this chapter to be very similar to chapter 3 besides those small rules.  As a reminder, students are allowed to use calculators on their HW.

    Week 9:

    Regents: This week students start to dive deeper into the introduction to algebraic thinking.  We are currently combining like terms within algebraic expressions and will move onto adding and subtracting expressions by the end of the week. Students are now ALLOWED to used calculators when doing any and all of their math work, unless otherwise specified.  We are past the point of working solely on skills such as adding, subtracting multiplying and dividing rational numbers, so students can use the calculator as tool to help them complete these calculations to work through new concepts quicker.

    Honors: Students are finishing up unit 3 this week.  We have moved through the basic one- and two-step equations, and are now working on some 8th grade concepts such as solving equations with variables on both sides.  The test on chapter 3 is tentatively scheduled for 11/9 a firm date will be given to students before the end of the week this week.  Students are allowed to use calculators for their work moving forward unless otherwise specified.

    All Classes:  This week is the end of the 2nd quarter.  All late/missing work must be handed in by Friday.  All homework and notes are posted to google classroom, and students can always check in to see if they have missing work either in class or by emailing me at nicholas.orlando@wcsdny.org

    Week 8:

    Regents: We will be reviewing chapter 2 in the beginning of the week.  Students were given the study guide at the end of last week to help them prepare for the test.  The chapter 2 test will be on Wednesday, and we will will begin our new unit on Thursday.  Test corrections will be available to students after they receive their grade.  Details will follow. Chapter 3 will be our expressions and equations unit.  We begin to learn how to use variables in math, and how to solve for variables in equations.  Students will now be allowed to use calculators to assist them with their math.  In class we use a scientific calculator (TI-34).  

    Honors: We continue on with chapter 3.  This week we will specifically foces on two-step equations, moving onto word problems by the middle of the week, and then into multi-step equations by the end of the week.  Students will use information from the first part of chapter 3 to help them the multi-step equations.

    Week 7:

    Regents: Students are wrapping up chapter 2 this week.  Section 2.4 will be about multiplying and dividing rational numbers. We will start with fractions in the beginning of the week, then move onto decimals and word problems.  Thier chapter test will be on 10/27 and we will  be reviewing starting on Friday this week.  This is the last unit where students are not using calculators; moving forward with chapter 3, students will use sanitized calculators in class, or can bring their own scientific calculator each day.

    Honors: Chapter 2 is behind us and we are well into the expressions and equations unit.  Students have been simplifying algebraic/linear expressions by combining like terms and/or adding and subtracting those expressions.  By the end of the week, students will be solving for variables in equations using the 4 main operations, setting the building blocks for two-step equations next week.Week 6 (10/11/22):

    Regents: This week we will continue on in our rational numbers unit and begin subtracting rational numbers.  This whole unit is a culmination of all the rules and work that they have done thus far in mathematics, building on skills started in elementary school.  When students are doing their work in class, we encourage them to constantly refer to their notes, and they should be doing the same as they do their homework.  Fractions and decimals can seem daunting when negative numbers are mixed in, but as long as students follow the proper steps to complete the problems, it will just come down to them performing the operations the correct way.

    Honors: We move into our 3rd chapter this week and it is one that sets the building blocks for the next handful of years, alegebaically.  Students will begin to work with variables, and using many of the skills from the first month of 7th grade to solve equations.  Student will be allowed to use calculators from here on out in class, and they may also use them when they are doing their homework.  There will be a shortquiz next week, on the introduction to this new concept.


    Week 5 (10/3/22):

    Regents: This week we will be wrapping up our introduction to our rational numbers unit where students are converting between fractions and decimals as well as comparing and ordering rational numbers in different forms.  We will move into adding rational numbers on Tuesday.  There will be a short quiz Friday 10/7. 

    Honors: This week we will finish subtracting and then move onto multiplying and dividing rational numbers.  We will follow many of the same rules from the integers unit with a focus on polarity of solutions and application to real life.  The test on chapter 2 has been moved to Wednesday 10/11.

    Week 4 (9/27/22):

    Regents: We will wrap up multiplying and dividing integers on Tuesday, then Review chapter 1. There will be a test on Thursday this week on the integers and all their operations. Friday we will do a quick introduction to the rational numbers unit.

    Honors: We will move onto adding, and subtracting fractions and decimals - working with both positive and negative rational numbers.  Word Problems and real life application will be emphasized in all assignments and activities.

    iReady testing will take place on Friday for ELA

    Week 1-3: 

    Regents: Students have learned about integers and all of their operations.  Our first chapter test is scheduled for 9/30.  It will consist of absolute value, integer operations and word problems

    Honors: Students had their first test this week on chapter 1 (integers).  Moving into chapter 2 we will be learning about rational numbers and then repeating the operations with those rational numbers.  Our second chapter test is tentatively scheduled for October 7th.


    **Please check google classroom for a digital copy of all notes and assignments**