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     ** Welcome back to School through this remote learning format. I am excited to start this new year and am happy to grow and learn with all of you through out this process.  We will be meeting daily except for Wednesday's according to the disticts remote learning schedule. If you are not currently in my google classroom and have not recieved a personal invite please use the following codes for your correct period.  The codes are as follows:

    Period 1:ijheaev       Period 2: ljqdyat     Period 3: ykeomly   

    Period 5: 7xjwiqb      Period 6: oilwxlc

    If you have any questions please email (christine.mcintyre@wcsdny.org) this will still be the fastest way to reach me and I will be responding as promptly as I can. I will be at each class and availible for extra help or questions from 1:15-2:25 each day of class with Wednesday's more open. At that time I will promply reply to any questions you may have. Thank you for your support and cooperation in these new and trying times.  Stay Safe!**

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    Christine McIntyre
     Science 8 - Physical Science
    Email: Christine.mcintyre@wcsdny.org
    Phone: 227-1700