Academic Planning
    Academic planning for high school begins the moment the student enters junior high.  Formal course selections for our current eighth grade students begin during the month of January with classroom visits from each counselor.  During this time teachers from the high school come to visit the students to give course information.  After parent night at John Jay High School (see calendar), the counselors will be meeting with students to set up course selections.  Parents are welcomed to call or set up a meeting if there are any questions.   
    Group Counseling
    The counseling office offers a variety of opportunities for group counseling.  If you would like your child involved in a group, please contact the counseling office.

    Academic Counseling
    The counselors work with students on setting up academic goals throughout the school year to help keep them focused and on task.

    The counselors advise and have students advisors help with groups and projects around the building to promote character education, academics, career education, and much more.   

    Homework Request
    If students are out of school for two or more consecutive days, parents or students may contact the School Counseling Office, early in the school day, (e.g. 7:35-8:30 a.m.) in order to request homework assignments.  The secretary will request the teachers to submit all homework assignments to the Counseling Office before the end of the day.  Students who are out of school for one day only should contact other students for class work/homework assignments, access teacher web-sites if available, or see the classroom teachers immediately upon their return to school.

    Information Service
    The school counseling office can be a resource for parents to receive information regarding community services, such as tutoring, outside counseling, etc.  
    Parent/Team Conferences
    Parents who would like to schedule a parent/team conference should do so through the School Counseling Office.
    Career Cafe
    We welcome parents coming in to share their occupation with the students.  It would be a 30 minute presentation and we schedule around your availability.  To present at a Career Cafe, please call the school counseling office at 227-1700 ext. 20008