Welcome to the WCSD Languages other than English Program 

    This course is offered through WCSD and offers an immersive language learning experience on a daily basis for all students. Our World Language programs offer honor societies at the High School Level for all of our languages as well as opportunities for cultural and collaborative learning at the secondary levels. Through our language program, our students have the opportunity to achieve their Advanced Regents Diploma, the NYS Seal of Biliteracy and take Advanced Placement courses. Our students are guided by talented teachers with years of experience teaching in the district as well as at local colleges and universities. We align our work to the NYSED Standards of LOTE and the ACTFL World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages to provide opportunities for students to pursue their passion through language, culture and rigor. 


    Syllabus and Expectations 2023-2024

     7th Grade Spanish

    *Please keep in mind that this information is subject to change. 

    Teacher:  Kristina Riley  (kristina.riley@wcsdny.org)

    Prerequisite:  There is no prerequisite for 7th Grade Spanish 1.  7th Grade Spanish is the first half of the level 1 Spanish course.  Successful completion of both 7th and 8th grade Spanish (in addition to passing the Spanish Proficiency Assessment at the end of 8th grade) will equal 1 high school language credit.  

    Areas of Study:

    Themes include:

    1. Personal & Public Identities - national & ethnic identity, personal interests and beliefs, self-esteem, heroes and historical figures 

    2. Families & Communities - traditions and values, global citizenship, family structure, human geography, social networks


    3. Contemporary Life - education, careers, entertainment, travel, personal relationships, life styles, traditions and social values


    4. Beauty & Aesthetics & the Arts - definition of beauty, fashion & design, language & literature, visual & performing arts, architecture, creativity


    5. Science & Technology - Technology, health & medicine, science and ethics, natural phenomenons, access to technology, technological innovations

    6. Global Challenges - economy, environment, population and demographics, social welfare, religion and philosophy, social conscience



    1. Communication 



    2. Connections (Acquiring info & Diverse Perspectives) 

    3. Comparison (Language & Culture)

    4. Culture

    *Work will be completed using a combination of both paper and online google classroom assignments.

    Assessment:  District 7th Grade Spanish Final Assessment

     Materials needed for class daily: 3-ring binder with paper, pen/pencil, charged chromebook, earbuds/headphones                          

    Expectations and Procedures: 

    In the classroom:

    • Come to class prepared and on time.

    • Be respectful to yourself, others and their property.

    • Listen to and follow instructions.  

    • Raise your hand and speak one at a time.    (No side conversations, please.)

    • Do not leave the room until I dismiss you.

    • Keep cell phones and earbuds away, unless we are using them for an assignment.   (No using classroom outlets to charge phones during class.)

    General expectations:

    1. Make an effort to speak Spanish as much as possible.

    2. Come ready to participate and learn (and let others learn).

    3. Have assignments ready the day they are due.

    4. Be responsible.  You need to tell me if you don’t understand something or if you need extra help.  If you are absent, you need to make the effort to find out what was missed.  

    5. If you miss a test or a quiz and were in class when it was announced, be prepared to take it the day you return to school.  (Exceptions may be made for extended absences.)            


    1. Warning

    2. Meet outside of class to discuss behavior with me and come up with a plan to improve.

    3. Parent contact

    4. Administrative involvement (referral)     *Depending on what has occurred, it is possible to skip immediately to this step.


    Practice Work:

     -Do your work the day it is assigned.  Most assignments should be done during class and then finished at home if extra time is required.  You will be expected to practice/study your vocabulary at home daily.  For larger assignments (such as projects) you will be given more time and you may be expected to complete it outside of class.  If you wait until it is due to start an assignment or project, you probably will become overwhelmed with lots due all at the same time (so start early and just get it done).  It is your responsibility to keep track of assignments and turn in any late work you may have.  Do not expect me to chase you down and ask you for / remind you about late work. 

    -There will be no extra credit assignments or projects, however you will get the opportunity to redo assignments if you want to improve the grade on it.           

    Hall/Bathroom Pass Policy:

    -Please try to go between classes so you are not missing instructional time.  Only one student will be permitted to leave the room at a time, so you may have to wait.  Please talk to me about any extenuating circumstances.             


    If you are not in class for any reason, you are responsible for all work missed.  Try to find out as soon as possible what you missed.  Please understand that it will not always be possible for me to provide work in advance.  When you return to school, check the absent folder for your class (located in the back of our classroom) to see if there are any papers for you.  You should also check to see if there are any assignments for you to do in our google classroom.  Then, come see me either at the beginning or end of the period.  (It is a good idea to exchange phone numbers with a classmate in case you are absent.)  Some absences are unavoidable, but please make an effort to be in class every day.  The more you miss, the further behind you fall and the harder it is to catch up.    


    Extra Help:

    Most problems are best solved during class, however I am available either before or after school by appointment, mutually agreed upon (scheduled at least one day in advance).  If you don’t tell me you need help with something, I won’t necessarily know. You can always email me or write me a note if you don’t want to ask during class. 

    Grading Procedures:  

    Practice Work → 30% (this may include, but is not limited to: classwork, listening, reading, writing, speaking tasks, dialogues, etc.)

    Projects/Quizzes → 30%

    Tests → 40%


    Teacher Contact Information:

    email: kristina.riley@wcsdny.org (email works best for me)

    (845) 227-1700    (at school)

    website: https://www.wappingersschools.org/Page/7818


    Please sign to indicate that you have read and understand this syllabus and the expectations for Spanish class:

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