You must have: A three ring binder (at least 1 inch) with paper, pencils and/or pens, headphones/earbuds for your chromebook
    Optional items: dividers for your binder to help you stay organized, flashcards

    ***Remember that class participation is key to being successful when learning a language!  
     If you do not TRY to speak Spanish in class, it will be hard for you to learn how to speak Spanish.  Don't be afraid to make mistakes or mispronounce words- it's normal in the learning process and I don't expect you to be an expert right away.

    REMINDER TO ALL LEVELS-- When doing written assignments, projects, classwork or homework, you will not be permitted to use computer (electronic) translation programs.  I am talking about when you type a sentence or paragraph in English and have the computer translate it to Spanish for you.  If you do this, I will either ask you to re-do the assignment or you will get a ZERO on it.  Please use a regular paper dictionary or a reliable online source (such as wordreference.com) if you need extra help, although it is best to look at your notes or vocabulary list first.  I want to see you practicing what we are working on in class, not give me something that is way above your level of comprehension/ability.  Computer translations (such as google translate) can be very unreliable and keep you from learning.
    All cell phones must be turned off and out of sight during class. 
    Headphones or earbuds may not be worn during class unless we are using them with the chromebooks. 
    No classroom outlets may be used to charge phones during class.