• Injuries Requiring Special Handling

    Any students coming to school on crutches, with canes, in casts, or after serious injuries must report to the health office before going to homeroom classes.

    A note from the doctor stating the student must use crutches, canes, or any assistive device is required.

    Head Injuries/Concussion

    Per WCSD Policy, any student with a head injury including a concussion must be out of PE and recess until seen and cleared by their private physician and then the District Medical Director. Once the Medical Director clears the student, then they will be returned to PE and recess.

    IF your child is involved in WCSD sports, once they are cleared by their private physician, they MUST go through the District's Return to Play protocol. See attached instruction sheet.

    Return to Play Instructions

    PLEASE have your child bring ALL and ANY medical notes DIRECTLY to the Health Office!

    Van Wyck Health Office Fax number - 845-227-1703