• Intensive Instruction Math Syllabus


    Mrs. Bradley/Mrs. Kodnia

    Mrs. Mahon, Ms. Lana, Mrs. Mercer

    Ross, Marcus / Welcome


    Students will be learning through various teaching modalities, such as small group instruction, computer-assisted instruction, and real-life hands-on activities. Real world math is critical when fostering student learning and success!

    Topics to be covered:

    • Basic Math Skills
    • Working with money
    • Earning Money
    • Renting an Apartment
    • Identifying the expenses of a household – shopping and living on your own
    • Applying mathematical strategies to solve problems
    • Real-life word problems - learning experience and helping students become confident consumers.
    • Calculating and measuring time and duration in an everyday context
    • Checkbook Unit
    • Credit Card Skills - How do I get a credit card? What is a credit score? How do I use a credit card? What is an account statement?
    • Interpreting information and drawing conclusions from data
    • Banking skills – balancing accounts
      • Addition
      • Subtraction
      • Multiplication
      • Decimals
      • Percentages


    Grades are calculated on a whole points grading system.

    ~Classwork Assignments



    ~Participation/Preparedness/Attendance (Checking in online)


    Late Work Policy

    A student who is absent for any reason will be given the opportunity to make up the missed work and will receive credit for any made-up work. A student will have the same number of days to make up work as the number of days missed.  YOU are responsible for getting any missed work.


    * If you are absent for a test, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to speak to me for information.  You are then expected to take the test/quiz during a free period within 3 days of your return.  After 3 days, a score of ZERO will be given*


     Attendance is mandatory for success. Not only will you be acquiring academic skills to be a successful student, but you will also strive to achieve those “soft skills” that society expects you to be a successful person.  You must be willing to put in the extra effort needed to achieve this.  I expect you to accept responsibility for your choices regarding behavior and priorities and to develop and maintain a work ethic that will enable you to be successful.

    Please note that ATTENDANCE is a critical part of your grade.   Chronic absences or failure to get to class on time can be a detriment to your grades.  In addition, having a positive attitude, showing effort and maintaining appropriate behavior are necessary to attain success in the class.



    Please talk to Mrs. Bradley in private about any concerns you may have regarding the class.



    I have read and understand the rules and expectations for Math 2023-2024.  Please return this section signed by Friday 9/15/2023.  This will be an ASSIGNMENT GRADE!

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