• Level 4 ELA Syllabus


    Mrs. Bradley/Mrs. Kodnia

    Mrs. Mahon, Ms. Lana, Mrs. Mercer


    In-Depth Program Review / English Language Arts

    Welcome to Intensive Instruction ELA.  I hope you will bring all of your previous experiences and insights, as well as a true love of reading and writing, into this class.    In this course you will practice and improve your skills as readers, writers and thinkers, as well as be exposed to important literature from a variety of genres.  The focus of this class is to improve your student achievement through consistent practice and reinforcement of reading and writing skills.  You will build connections from your existing funds of knowledge to new strategies.  The NYS ELA Regents Common Core exam will be administered when you are in your Junior year. 

    You will be exposed to various genres of literature, and you will practice writing narrative, persuasive and argumentative pieces.  In addition, you will expand upon your research skills to compose an essay, called a Passion Project.  What better way to find out more information on something you are passionate about?  Remember, reading and writing can be very enjoyable and will last for a lifetime!

    Topics to be covered:


    • Topics to be covered:

      • Short Stories (Elements of Fiction)
        • Charles – Shirley Jackson
        • The Monkey’s Paw – WW Jacobs
        • The Boogeyman – Stephen King
        • The Landlady – Roald Dahl
        • Lamb to the Slaughter – Roald Dahl


      • Novel 1: Tuck Everlasting -
        • What if you could live forever? Natalie Babbitt explores this question in her novel, Tuck Everlasting. The characters in this story wrestle with this question.


      • Novel  2– The Witches
      This beloved story contains unexpected twists and complex characters that the students will love reading about. They will find something to spark their imagination by exploring the world of The Witches.  

    There is much to learn through reading this timeless story:

    1. Empathy and Respect: This book provides an excellent platform for teaching children about the importance of compassion and respect for others, as seen in the characters of Luke and Bruno, who must put themselves in difficult positions to defeat the Grand High Witch.
    2. Inclusivity and Acceptance: The story can be used as a great tool to illustrate the importance of acceptance, regardless of one’s physical characteristics or differences, as exemplified in Luke’s relationship with his grandmother.
    3. Overcoming Challenges: This tale presents an ideal opportunity to discuss overcoming challenges—even when they seem impossible—as illustrated through Luke’s journey against the witches.



    • Engaging critically with texts using personal experiences
    • Responding to and composing texts that explore personal, social and world issues.
    • Using individual and collaborative skills in the learning process




    Grades are calculated on a whole points grading system.


    ~Classwork Assignments

    ­­~Quizzes – Spelling/Vocabulary – EACH WEEK

    ~HOMEWORK- EACH NIGHT you will have a Spelling/Vocabulary assignment-EXCEPT FRIDAY, WHICH WILL BE THE QUIZ

    ~Writing/Projects – Each quarter students will need to complete a culminating project



    Late Work Policy

    A student who is absent for any reason will be given the opportunity to make up the missed work, and will receive credit for any made-up work. A student will have the same number of days to make up work as the number of days missed.  YOU are responsible for getting any missed work.


    * If you are absent for a test, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to speak to me for information.  You are then expected to take the test/quiz during a free period within 3 days of your return.  After 3 days a score of ZERO will be given.


     Attendance is mandatory for success.  Not only will you be acquiring academic skills to be a successful student, but you will also strive to achieve those “soft skills” that society expects you to be a successful person.  You must be willing to put in the extra effort needed to achieve this.  I expect you to accept responsibility for your choices regarding behavior and priorities and to develop and maintain a work ethic that will enable you to be successful.

    Please note that ATTENDANCE is a critical part of your grade.   Chronic absences or failure to get to class on time can be a detriment to your grade.  Having a positive attitude, showing effort and maintaining appropriate behavior is necessary to attain success in the class.


    Please talk to Mrs. Bradley in private about any concerns you may have regarding the class.


    I have read and understand the rules and expectations for ELA 2023-2024.  Please return this section signed by Friday 9/15/2023.  This will be an ASSIGNMENT GRADE!

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