• Classroom Rules and Expectations

    Mrs. Bradley/Mrs. Kodnia

    Mrs. Mahon, Ms. Lana, Mrs. Mercer


     Please read this with your child and sign

    • Courtesy and respect should be exhibited at all times.  That means:

    ~No talking while others are talking

    ~Check all negative attitudes at the door 

    ~No profanity

    ~Raise your hand before speaking

    ~Treat others as you would like to be treated

    • If you have an issue with a classmate, notify me or another adult in the room.  Do not handle the issue on your own.


    • Individual restroom breaks are permitted with permission, a pass, and signing out. NO group breaks allowed.


    • Anyone who leaves the room without permission will receive an infraction or a referral.


    • Cheating is an automatic 0%


    • All electronic devices must be put on silent (not vibrate) or off during instructional time (see cell phone policy in handbook.) Everyone is here to learn and should be given an equal opportunity to do so.


    • The only DUMB question is the one NOT asked. 


    • Always challenge the information that you are given.  If there is something you don’t understand, do not hesitate to tell me or ask me.

    Materials Required for all Classes:

    • Positive Attitude

    • Engaged learning with an open and accepting mindset

    • Active learning and participation



      There will be spelling/vocabulary homework EACH night with the exception of Fridays.  There will be a spelling quiz each Friday (for students who are in my English class).   If you are absent, please check your work located in the folders by the door.

      There will be math homework each night, with the exception of Fridays. 



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