•  Integrated SS/ELA Curriculum

    The integrated Social Studies/English Language Arts (ELA) Curriculum is a web-based, user-friendly curriculum developed by teachers from the Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES region and beyond.  The curriculum development process was guided by expert social studies and technology consultants.   Following a continuous improvement model, the curriculum is updated annually.  The content of the curriculum is based on the New York State Social Studies Framework, integrates the Common Core Standards for Language Arts and Literacy in Social Studies/History, and uses an Understanding by Design template.
    For more information go to http://www.pnwboces.org/SSELA 
    Kindergarten: Getting To Know Myself and Others

    Unit One:  Myself and Others

    Unit Two: How Can I Be a Good Citizen?

    Unit Three: Understanding Economics

    Grade 1:  My Family and Other Families Now and Long Ago
    Unit One: Rules and Laws
    Unit Two: “We Are Family”
    Unit Three: Unity in Community
    Unit Four: What Do I Need?  What Do I Want? How Do I Get It?
    Grade 2: My Community and Other United States Communities
    Unit One:  Active Citizenship
    Unit Two:  Rural, Urban, and Suburban Communities
    Unit Three: Geography of Communities 
    Unit Four: Change and Interdependence in Communities 
    Grade 3: Communities Around the World
    Unit One: Geography 
    Unit Two: United States
    Unit Three: Brazil

    Unit Four: China

    Unit Five: Kenya 
    Unit Six: Making a Difference around the World 
    Grade 4:  New York State History and Government

    Unit One: The Three Worlds:  Native Americans, Europeans and Africans Meet in New York State

    Unit Two: The Impact of the Colonial and Revolutionary War Periods
    Unit Three: National and Local Government
    Unit Four: Change Comes to New York State 
    New York  
    Grade 5: The Western Hemisphere 
    Unit One: A New World Rising
    Unit Two: European Exploration and Slavery 
    Unit Three: Geography in the Western Hemisphere
    Unit Four: What is Government Anyway?  Case Studies in the Western Hemisphere 
    Unit Five: You Need It?  You Want It?  Do You Have It?
    Unit Six: Hands across the Hemisphere 
    Western Hemisphere  
    Grade 6: The Eastern Hemisphere 
    Unit 1: Neolithic Revolution
    Unit 2: River Valley Civilizations
    Unit 3: Classical Civilizations

    Unit 4: Comparative World Religions

    Unit 5: Mediterranean World
    Unit 6: Interactions across the Eastern Hemisphere 

    Eastern Hemisphere