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College Entrance Exams

  • ACT Exam


  • SAT Exam

Earning College Credit in High School

  • AP Courses

  • DCC Courses

Vocational Career Exploration

  • DC BOCES CTI Program

Military Service

New York State High School Diploma Requirements

  • For a NYS High School Regents Diploma, all students must meet the following minimum credit criteria:

    Credits: 22 units of credit distributed as follows:

    • English Language Arts: 4 
    • Social Studies:  4
    • Science: 3
    • Mathematics: 3
    • Health: 1/2
    • Arts: 1
    • World Languages: 1
    • Physical Education: 2
    • Electives: 3 1/2

    For a NYS High School Regents Diploma, all students must pass five Regents Exams.

    There are 4 core exams, one in each discipline:

    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social Studies

    In Wappingers, we also have students take a second Social Studies Regents exam, which completes the required humanities pathway to graduation.  In general, students must pass each exam with a score of 65 or better.

    For all other Diploma types and their Graduation Criteria please visit the NYSED website.