• Questions always welcome FAQ:

    How is my average calculated?

    The average = (Total Points in Homework + Classwork + Quizzes + Exams) / total possible points


    Do we have to copy down the problem when doing our HW?

    Yes, because it will be easier to make sense of your notes and

    HW when you are studying for a test


    What do I do if I don't understand the HW?

    Copy down the problem, look through your notes for examples, and

    make an attempt.  If you think your attempt is incorrect,
    do it in pencil or leave space to fill in the correct

    answer when we go over it in class.


    If I need extra help, when can I meet with you?

    I am available from 12:50 - 2:25 to answer any questions or provide any extra help.  Please email me, send me a message through the remind app or click here to schedule an appointment.  Meetings can be 1 on 1 or a small group if more than more student have the same questions


    How can I make up missed quizzes/exams?

    Speak to me at the beginning of class time and we can make arrangements to

    make sure that all missed quizzes/exams gets completed. It is essential

    that all work gets turned into me in a timely manner if you are absent.
    assignments can result in a poor or failing report card grade.


    What is your homework policy?

    Homework is very important because it allows you to practice what

    we have done in class.  It helps you study for tests.  However,

    since it is practice, I do not expect you to be able to do

    everything accurately. For most assignments, you will be given a

    grade based on your attempt to complete the work.  AN HONEST

    ATTEMPT will earn a good grade even if everything is not

    correct.  A blank worksheet with the explanation of I just didn't

    get it will earn a 0%.


    Why do homework?

    Research has shown that students who consistently do their

    homework achieve better than those students who do not do