• sum                              product                             solution

    quotient                       difference                distributive prop.    

    expression                  equation                            variable                          


    addition prop. of equality             constant                 subtraction prop. of equality

    commutative prop.                   associative prop.        integers

    rational                                   irrational                    whole numbers         


    coefficient                     real numbers                    multiplication prop. of equality

    like terms                 division prop. of equality         literal equations


    consecutive integers                   no solution             all real solution (infinite solution)

    least common multiple               inequality               solution set


    at most                                     perimeter                        at least             

    maximum                                 minimum                         domain                                

    range                                       inequality


    compound inequality                  relation                            function

    independent variable                  dependent variable           linear function


    nonlinear function                     discrete domain                 continuous domain 

    function notation                  slope intercept form                slope  (rate of change)  


    vertical stretch                     horizontal stretch                   vertical translation

    horizontal translation             vertex                                  point slope form


    absolute value function                    sequence                           term

    slope intercept form                       arithmetic sequence             common difference  


    systems of equations                      parallel lines                        common ratio

    geometric sequence                        recursive sequence              exponential function

    exponential growth                         exponential decay