•   The full course Syllabus can be found in a new window by using the link.

    Below is a brief overview of student expectations.
    Each student needs to have a notebook. A 3 ring binder is preferable to accommodate all materials, but not essential.
    Students should come to class prepared each day with a pen or pencil.  Highlighters, though not mandatory, are helpful. 
    Homework Policy:
    Worth 20% of the students quarter grade, homework will be assigned several times a week on average. Late assignments will be accepted for full credit up until the time of the exam for that unit. Late homework will be accepted for a grade after the completion of the final unit exam and receive half credit
    Grading Policy:
    Exams - 60%
    Homework / Classwork / Quizzes -  40% 
    Classroom Rules and Expectations:
    Be on Time
    Be Respectful