• 1/6 Causes of the Civil War - Class Notes 

    4/6 Continue study of the Home front in the 1920's
           HW due Tuesday 4/7  Shifting Cultural Values 
           '20's Worksheets 
    4/9 HW due Politics of the 1920's. Missing WS can be found in the link above
          1920's exam on Tuesday 4/14
          EXTRA CREDIT for exam is due on Monday 4/13 The Roaring 20's Vocabulary
    4/14 Exam 1920's 
    Test correction for the 1920's exam are do on Monday 4/20 - No late corrections will be accepted. 
    The Great Depression
    Worksheets were actively read in class. Worksheets are due Thursday 4/16.
    Finish worksheet human Impact of the Great Depression from yesterday
    If you miss the first 15 minutes  (part 1 of 3) the video it can be found online:
    The Century America's Time; Stormy Weather with Peter Jennings