•    This is work in progress, but I wanted to create a reference for students and parents to access fun activities to assist in building or strengthening speech or language skills.  Here are some apps, games, websites or activities that I have discovered than can be used at home.  As a disclaimer, these are resources I have found or used, but I cannot speak for the entire content of the below listed apps or websites.  Please review these with your child and determine on your own if they are usable and appropriate for your child.  Also, please be aware that prices change so I have included what I understood to be the price (at the time), but you'll need to check on your own:
    Khan Academy -
          Guided learning materials through curriculum area or concept.  Appropriate for middle and high school.  And the best part it is FREE!
    Tools4Students -
          25 Graphic organizer templates, can be used to assist organization for writing tasks.  Can be printed.
    Describe It -
          Uses a strategy-based approach to assist students in using more detailed and complete language in order to summarize, describe, and define.  Visual supports are provided.
          For younger students, 12 and under, but depending on your child's developmental level it may be fun.  The student can create a story through the processes of planning, setting the stage recording and watching the creation tell the tale. 
    Icanarticulate  -                            
       This is a nice app that allows students with difficulties in speech sound production to target their specific sound in words through recorded models and allows  them to record their own productions.  This provides auditory feedback allowing the student to clearly hear their own speech sound production.  The sound quality is good.  Another positive is that it is appropriate for older kids and adults (not babyish as some articulation apps can be).  Downside not a free app, so make sure you know your child's target sound (or the sound they are working on) before you purchase.  Each sound can be purchased individually. 
    Sentence Builder Teen -
       This is essentially a grammar game in which you can choose from 1 or 3 levels. The player must build grammatically correct sentences given choices of correct and erred combinations.  Depending on the level chosen, the individuals will have to choice  the modifier, verb, adjective or all three within a fixed sentence.  This activity is more receptive in nature, which means it may be easier for individuals who struggle formulating grammatically accurate sentences.  It was the winner of the YEAR 2010 language arts app of the year (not sure what that is, but it sounds good).
    Android Tablet
    Vocabulary Builder (Liberty University online)  -   
       This app is FREE! Higher level vocabulary is targeted.  Provides definitions, study cards, multiple choice, it even reads aloud to you, supports correct pronunciation.  This may be a nice vocabulary builder in preparation for the SATs.
    Word to Word - Fun Associations, or Word to Word Free : Associations -      
       This is a vocabulary matching game, in which the matching words may be opposites, have the same meaning, compound words, or just be related.  One puzzle pack is free.  Each other pack (40 puzzles in total).  Try it out before you purchase.  
    Game/Activity Websites
    Figurative Language -
       Idiom practice
    Vocabulary  -
    ELA vocabulary terms - can read aloud words and definitions, flashcards for practice and a test.  Great preparation for ELA tests and English Regents.
    "Quia" has multiple games and activities which cover all areas of language.  You may need to search to find which are fun (and age appropriate) for your child.
    Commercial Games
       This is a favorite.  It provides practice in naming items which belong in categories, under the constraint of only using one initial letter (dictated by the roll of a  multi-sided die).  Being able to provide members for specific categories can increase word-finding abilities (which many children with language impairments struggle with) and builds overall vocabulary/semantic skills.  This game typically runs between $20 and $27 dollars.  I recommend look for it on Ebay or at a  garage sale to find one cheaper.  It is a fun game for older children as well as adults.
    Apples to Apple Jr. -
       I like the junior version for my students with language disorders.  I find, in general the adult version has much higher level vocabulary and at times less appropriate content.   This is a great game to talk about adjectives (the green cards) and nouns (the red cards).  One person takes the role of judge while the other people find nouns which best go with the target adjective card.  I have my students also provide a justification for their choice.  It is  a really fun game for a group (need at least 3 players)
    Story Cubes-
      These are good for building narrative skills. It can be played in a number of ways.  One person can start and the rest of the group continues the story using the pictures on the cube as a guide.  Each person can formulate their own story using the pictures on the cubes. The individual has to formulate an introduction, sequence the order of events, and conclude the story.  This can be a surprisingly difficult game for students with language difficulties. 


    If your not sure what skills your child needs to work on feel free to contact me and I would be happy to discuss. 
     More to come!!!!