• Word of the Day
    *** pause on word of the day until we return - please continue to review word #'s 42-45
    We will be doing a word of the day as part of our reading program. This helps to build vocabulary, spelling and comprehension skills. Every two weeks students will learn 8 new words: their spelling, meaning and how to use them in a sentence. We will review and have a word of the day quiz. After the quiz, we will have one week off. Students should be completing index cards and studying words nightly. Any student new to this program will understand the routine quickly.
    Card Color: yellow
    Monday, 3/09: #42: ductile: able to be formed or shaped without breaking
    Tuesday, 3/10: #43: whet: to sharpen; eager
    Wednesday, 3/11: #44: dispute: to argue

    Thursday, 3/12: #45: toxic: having the effect of poison
    Friday, 3/13: no classes - Superintendent Conference Day
    Monday, 3/16: #46: flee: to run away from danger or trouble
    Tuesday, 3/17: #47: senile: the weakening of mental or physical abilities due to old age
     Wednesday, 3/18: #48: obscure: hard to understand; not clear
    Thursday, 3/19: review
    Friday, 3/20: quiz 

    *REMINDER: you should be creating a study card daily and reviewing each of your words *