• Word of the Day
    We will be doing a word of the day as part of our reading program. This helps to build vocabulary, spelling and comprehension skills. Every two weeks, students will learn 8 new words: their spelling, meaning and how to use them in a sentence. We will review and have a word of the day quiz. After the quiz, we will have one week off. Students should complete index cards and study words nightly. Any student new to this program will understand the routine quickly.
    Card Color: yellow

     WOD #25 -  3/28: sublime - impressive and puts one in awe

    WOD #26 -  3/29: intrepid - a person who is fearless and brave

    WOD #27 -  3/30: demeanor - someone’s behavior towards others

    WOD #28 -  3/31: instill - to put a feeling or idea into someone's mind 

    WOD #29 -  4/01: spry - nimble or lively

    WOD #30 -  4/04: robust - someone who feels healthy and strong

                         4/05: REVIEW Kahoot! game

                         4/06: REVIEW worksheet

                         4/07: WOD Quiz


    *REMINDER: you should be creating a study card daily and reviewing each of your words *