• In the Intensive Instruction program you are seen as a young adult. Therefore, it is expected that you will behave in a manner appropriate for a young adult in high school. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Coming to class on time.
    • Using appropriate language.
    • Coming to class prepared both mentally and physically.
    • Putting forth your best effort all of the time.
    • Being respectful to Mrs. Lafreniere and to all of the students and adults present in the room.
    In class, being prepared mentally is important! I like to have you come up to the board, participate in class discussions, work independently, and in groups. Please make sure that you are getting plenty of sleep and eat breakfast in the morning.
    Grades for each of my classes are based on a point system. All work that is graded is based on points. Homework may be worth 10 points, a class assignment 5 points, tests 20 points, and projects 25 points. You can also earn up to 2 points for participation. One point is earned for showing up on time (easy) and the second point is earned for participation in the class activity (also easy). At the end of the marking period, earned points are added up, divided by the possible number of points you could have earned, and then multiplied by 100. This will make up your quarterly grade.