• Hello Room 231 students and parents/ guardians:
    * most recent information added is in blue
    Please be on the look out for a packet that should be hitting your mailbox soon. Some of the work in your packets can also be found on your Google Classroom account. Below, you will also find websites to log into for math and reading.
    you should have also received your copy of Brian's Winter. Please go into google classroom for a video of me reading :), vocabulary, and comprehension questions. *If you need a paper copy please email me*
    For English: In your packet only, a condensed version of the story: Tom Sawyer. There are comprehension questions and activities to go along with each chapter. Remember - in order to be active and involved readers it's best to preview your questions. Before reading your chapter, review your questions and get your highlighter or pencil ready to underline the most important parts while you are reading.
    * if you come across anything that you think is a literary element mark it directly in your packet.
    In addition: I am including a packet of 10 journal questions/ responses. You can work on these directly in your packet, OR you can find them in your Google Classroom account where you can respond directly on your computer/ device.
    For reading: Word of the Day is currently on hold until we return to school. Please review the five words you currently have.
    * you can also go into Kahoot! and practice your knowledge of our past vocabulary words
    PLEASE log into your lexia account at  lexiacore5.com
    Once you are at the sign in page, you will need to put in my email address:
    It will then prompt you for your username and password. I will email home each students login info and it will be in each packet.
    PLEASE: log into your Read Works account to work on your assigned work AND read for pleasure in your personal libraries. To get to your account go to:
    log in using your school account. Our class code is SK5YZU
    Assigned stories and comprehension questions should also come up on your Google Classroom
    For math: All students should have their multiplication cards and their multiplication chart at home (check your homework folder). PLEASE continue to review your multiplication facts. I like working in number groups (0,1,2 times table cards), (3,4,5 times table cards), (6,7 times table cards), (8,9 times table cards), (10, 11 times table cards), (12 times table cards). Stay with each group until you memorize the majority of them.
    PLEASE log into play.prodigygames.com to work on math facts 
    enter in your username and password.
    I will email home individual students' information, and it will be in the packet as well.
    Other math links will be available on my website in the near future.
    * a separate math class will be up soon in google classroom. For now look under the "Great links!!!" classroom in Google Classroom
    For science: I swabbed our three additional surfaces for bacterial growth. On Friday, we already had growth!!!!!!!! (exciting and gross). I can not even imagine how it will all look when we get back to class!
    You can continue monitoring the weather while at home. Check out
    hudsonvalleyweather.com for the daily forecast!
    You may want to create your own rain gauge at home (like we did at school) so you can measure how much rain we get while we are out of school. Bring your results back to class.
    In your packets, you will find work to learn about weather, and basic experiments you can do at home.
    * a separate science class will be up soon in google classroom. For now look under the "Great links!!!" classroom in Google Classroom
    For life skills: You are all able to do so much!
    Some ideas of things you can do while at home:
    • help fold laundry (you all rock at folding dish towels!)
    • follow a simple recipe and make something to enjoy - salad (we have a ton of great food preppers), a quick bread, blue box mac and cheese, pudding, egg salad... 
    • Create your own dessert or sandwich - write down your ingredients and directions so we can make it when we get back
    • wash, dry, and put away dishes
    • collect garbage and recycling
    • sweep your outside steps and walkway
    • vacuum 
    • make your bed
    • feed and take care of your pet(s)

    You can also practice things like:

    • writing your address
    • memorizing important phone numbers 
    • taking a phone message
    • leaving a message
    • taking inventory of needed items and writing a shopping list


    Many nursing homes aren't allowing family members, or families aren't visiting older or immune compromised family members: send someone you know (or don't know) a letter to say "hello" and cheer them up.

    * a separate life skils class will be up soon in google classroom. For now look under the "Great links!!!" classroom in Google Classroom. Follow info above as well.

    * information from Mrs. Walis will be added to that classroom as well



    Have some fun, go outside, play a board game, play a video game, draw, build, put together a puzzle, call a friend or family member, do some crafts, research an area that interests you, help your family.... 

    Make memories and know that I am thinking of all of you!