• In the midst of the COVID-19 "pause" for all of New York State...


    I will be updating my Google Classrooms with videos, assignments and just a check-in to say hello while we are not in session!

    Please see the tabs to the left - "Digital Learning Info" - to gain the access codes for the appropriate Google Class

    Classes will be "officially" meeting using Google Meets on Monday and Wednesday. 

    We can also meet any other day at your request -- Just email me!

     Feel free to "pop in" on any of my classes if the scheduled time doesn't work for you.

    Check frequently for updated assignments and due dates.

    "Due Dates" are just Suggestions!  You KNOW I always take late work!!!

    Bookmark the link for easy access!

    Be Safe... Be Well...

    Stay healthy!

    Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns!!!!

    I miss seeing everyone, so join us in the Google Meets to say hello!

    And, for all my artists...................

    Send me some pictures!  I miss ya!  Homer Woohoo GIFs | Tenor













     This year, I am teaching Self-Contained Regents Biology (aka - NYS Living Environment),

    Level 4 Earth Science and Team Practical Chemistry with Mrs. Foster-Hood!


    I can be reached at: Kim.Castano@wcsdny.org   (Easiest way to reach me!)
    Or by phone:  845-298-5100 x31067 (Science Office)
     I offer EXTRA HELP!
    Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:20-3:30pm (beginning in October)
    by request!... so, Just Ask!!!
    These after school extra help days are the PERFECT time to complete homework
    assignments AND catch up on missed work!
    There is a Minimum Lab Requirement in order to
    take the Biology and Earth Science Regents Exams!!!
    If you miss a lab during the week, you should stay after in order to make up the
    required lab minutes!
    Biology is VOCABULARY DRIVEN! 
    If you know the vocab, you can figure out MUCH of the material!!! 
     Image result for vocabulary words
    Check out my Vocab Pages to continually REVIEW important terms!!! 
    (Yup, you read that right!)
    If there are science topics with which you are interested...
    Let me know and I will research them for you so that we can discuss them in class
    I want you to be SUCCESSFUL...ACROSS THE BOARD!  
    (Not JUST in Science!)
    Do NOT hesitate to come to me for help -- with ANY SUBJECT!!!
    I have copies of different subject textbooks in my office -- easily accessible during after school help!