This list will continue to grow as we come across words with which the class struggles to understand/comprehend.
    These are important vocabulary words and should be reviewed often (not just for bio!!!).  Knowing these will help
    increase comprehension which, in turn, increases your success in all aspects of life!
    EFFECT:  Result.  What has happened.
    AFFECT:  To change.  To make a difference.
    INCIDENCE:  The rate or frequency of something occurring. 
    EXCEPT:  Not including.  Other than...
    ACCEPT:  To recognize as true (valid).  To receive.
    INFER:  To conclude from evidence and prior knowledge.
    EXPLAIN:  To make an idea (situation, problem, directions, etc...) clear to someone by describing it in more detail or revealing important facts or ideas.
    IDENTIFY:  Establish or indicate who or what something or someone is.
    ACCURATE:  Correct in all details.  Exact.
    PROCESS:  A series of actions or steps taken to achieve an end.  A process is an action!
    DETAIL:  An individual part or particular item.
    DETERMINE:  To cause something to occur in a particular way.
    COMBINE:  To merge and unite.
    PREDICT:  To state or specify that a certain thing will occur in the future.
    FACTOR:  Anything that contributes to (influences) a result or outcome - not the same definition as in math!!!  
    DESCRIBE:  To give details or facts about something or someone.
    INQUIRE:  To investigate/ask for information.
    OBSERVATION:  The act of noticing or perceiving something that as fact.
    FORMULATE:  To create or express an idea/strategy.
    COMPARE:  To consider or describe as similar, equal or analogous.  To examine in order to not the similarities.
    TRANSPORT:   To carry from/move from one place to another.
    ABUNDANT:  Existing or available in very large quantities.
    THEORY:  A logical, well tested, widely accepted explanation that makes sense from a variety of scientific observations.
    DIVERSITY:  Differing from one another.
    ORGANIZATION:  The arrangement of different parts to create a whole.
    EXPRESS:  To represent, exhibit and give a true impression of.
    REPLICATE:  To reproduce an exact copy.
    INVOLUNTARY:  Without conscious control; automatic.
    CAPACITY:  The maximum amount that something can contain; The ability or power to do or understand something.
    VOLUNTARY:  Done by ones own will, choice or consent.
    ESSENTIAL:  Necessary, extremely important.
    ASSOCIATION:  A mental connection or relation between thoughts, feelings, ideas or sensation.
    CONFER:  To give or grant 
    CONTEXT:  The part of a text or statement that surrounds a particular word or passage and helps to determine its meaning.
    DEVIATE:  To depart from an established course or norm.
    SEQUENCE:  A continuous or connected series;  One thing following another.

    VIABLE:  (In Biology)  Capable of surviving or living successfully.


    ELIMINATE:  To get rid of; To put at end to.


    COLLABORATE:  To work together.
    MODIFY:  Make partial or minor changes to something.
    VERSATILE:  Able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.
    COEXIST:  To exist together or at the same time.
    DISCARD:  To dispose of.
    ANALOGY:  A similarity between like features of two different things.
    PERMEABLE:  Something that can be penetrated, especially by liquids and gases.
    EVIDENCE:  A thing or things helpful in forming a conclusion or judgment.
    FEATURE:  The structure, form or appearance of an organism.
    CLASSIFY:  Arrange in classes or groups according to shared qualities.
    VARIOUS:  Different kinds/types.
    CONSUME:  To ingest (eat/drink) or use up. 
    ANALYZE:  To examine something in detail in order to explain or understand it.
    TRADE-OFF:  A Compromise between two desirable, but incompatible things.
    MEDIATE:  To intervene or bring about an agreement.
    ABUNDANT:  Having plenty of something.  Available in large quantities.
    ALTER:  To change.
    APPARENT:  Obvious.  Clearly visible or understood. 
    INVASIVE:  Intruding/Spreading undesirably or even harmfully.