• Mission

    The mission of the Wappingers Central School District Physical Education Program is to provide a caring, supportive, and comfortable atmosphere in which every student is active, challenged, and successful.  It is our objective to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong, physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life.



    Fall: Football, Soccer, Cross Country, Capture the Flag

    Winter:  Volleyball,Basketball, Floor Hockey, Team Handball, Mat Ball, Gymnastics, Personal Fitness, bad minton

    Spring:  50yd. dash, Cross Country, Monster Ball, Softball

    *Meditation/Mindfulness throughout the year



    1.   Speak in a respectful manner to your classmates and teachers. Foul language is not acceptable.

    2.   Show respect for your classmate’s personal space.

    3.   Do your best.

    4.   Be on time to the locker room and to your seat for attendance. Students must remain in their assigned seats for attendance and warm-ups.

    5.    Listen to and follow directions.

    6.    No gum, candy, food, drinks, water bottles or glass containers.

    7.    No jewelry, with the exception of stud earrings. This includes rubber bracelets and hair ties other than in your hair. Lock it in your locker. Your teachers are not responsible for your jewelry!






    Students will receive a numerical grade in physical education based on the following.

    Psycho-motor Domain (Participation) = 55%

    Students must have a complete change of clothes and actively participate for the entire class period. Students will not be penalized for medical excuses or legal absences from class.

    Cognitive Domain (Evaluations) = 25%

    Evaluations will be based on material covered in class.

    Affective Domain (Daily assessment) = 20%

    ·         Follows all rules and directions

    ·         Works well within large and small groups

    ·         Appropriately uses equipment

    ·         Uses positive work ethics


    A student will forfeit all points for the day each time they are unprepared for class. 

    Extra Credit

    Students will be given one opportunity per quarter to earn up to 5 points on an additional written assignment. It is the student’s responsibility to consult with the teacher regarding this option.



    Physical education attire refers to clothing that allows a student to move freely and safely.  A complete change from school clothes to PE clothes is required at the beginning of class. You MUST change back to your school clothes at the end of class.  

    *On a 2 hr delay schedule - only sneakers are needed.

    Proper physical education attire is as follows:

    1.  Athletic shorts / Sweatpants / Wind pants

    2.  T-Shirt/ Sweatshirt

    3.  Athletic socks

    4.  Pair of traditional sneakers (no slip-on)

    *No large pockets or cargo style shorts, cutoffs, jeans, jean shorts, muscle shirts, or tank tops are allowed.

    *No aerosol sprays, stick deodorant is encouraged!



    Students are issued a physical education locker to store their clothing and personal belongings.  Physical education teachers will keep a record of the students’ locker number, combination and serial number. Students may not bring in their own locks.  DO NOT SHARE LOCKERS!

    Students have 4minutes after the bell rings, to change quickly and get to their assigned seats for attendance and warm-ups.  Students will be dismissed 4 minutes before the period ends to change back into their school clothes.

    *All items brought into the locker room must be locked properly during class time.   

    *Appropriate behavior in the locker room is always expected.


    It is understandable that there are times when student cannot participate in physical education class due to short term, unexpected illness or injury.  Students unable to participate for 1 or 2days must bring a note from a parent or guardian to their physical education teacher.  For extended medical of 3 or more days, a doctor’s note is required and should be brought to the school nurse prior to physical education class. The nurse will issue an excuse that the student will bring to their Physical Education teacher.  A student will not receive an unprepared for a medical excuse.


    Only students in 7thand 8th grade are eligible to compete on a modified sports team, and must have a sports physical.  W.J.H.S. offers the following sports at the modified level. 



    Field Hockey (G), Soccer (G & B), Football

    Volleyball (G), Cheer-leading (G), Cross Country (G & B)



    Basketball (B), Basketball (G), Wrestling(B), Cheer-leading (G)



    Baseball (B), Softball (G), Soccer (G), Lacrosse (G & B), 

     Track (G & B)



    PLEASE NOTE: Any student who is on a “medical” or who is “unprepared” for physical education is ineligible to compete in after school activities for that day.

    *Coaches and/or advisors will be notified.


    Directions to sporting events can be found online at: http://inet.lhric.org:3131/




    In order to compete in the WJHS modified sports program, all students are required to obtain a sports physical from the school doctor.  Announcements regarding days and times for physicals are made during homeroom and in physical education class.  For more information please see the school nurse in the health office.




    Wappingers Junior High School

    Physical Education Staff


    Mr. Lynch, P.E. Teacher-298-5200








    Mrs. Zehr, P.E. Teacher- 298-5200 


                                          Ext. 210140





    Mr. Opitz, P.E. Teacher- 298-5200


                                         Ext. 21008




    Kurt Jesman, P.E. & Athletic Coordinator-