•  Ms. Wyant – ELA 7



         As an educator, it is my goal to aid in the development of our students into effective readers and writers. In order for our students to improve upon these skills, we will be analyzing multiple texts, including novels, articles, and plays. Students will become strong writers by interpreting these texts, utilizing text details and creating a final product to showcase their understanding of the topic. 


    B. Student Expectations:

          -Be on time and prepared for class

          -Complete all assignments

          -Keep an organized binder

          -Participate in class activities

          -Respect others at all times

          -Follow all school rules

    -No cell phone usage


     CClass Materials:


    -2-pocket folder for ELA class only, one composition notebook, pens, highlighter, 

    and a book of your choice for independent reading.

    -District issued chromebook and earbuds


    D.  Work missed due to absence:

    It is the responsibility of the student to find out what

              he/she missed and to make arrangements to make up that

              work. If an announced test or quiz was missed, it is

              expected the student will make it up the day he/she

              returns to class. Assessments are announced at least

              several days in advance.


             E. Grade Breakdown:

    Quarterly grades will be created using the following:




           -Class participation

          -Binder check

              -Writing assignments


         Students will be informed of assignments and assessments ahead of time. Assignments will be posted daily in the classroom and the google classroom.  

          Please feel free to contact me via email at melissa.wyant@wcsdny.org


       Thank you for your support,

    Ms. Wyant       






















    Student Information Sheet

    ELA7- Ms. Wyant


    Dear Parent/Guardian,

         Please print the following information and sign below.


    Student’s name    ________________     _______________

                         (last)                      (first)


    Mom’s name _______________________


    Work # __________________________

    Home#  __________________________

    E-mail   __________________________



    Dad’s name ________________________


    Work# ___________________________

    Home# ___________________________

    E-mail  ___________________________


    Questions or comments:





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