•                                      Mrs. Budd's  Social Studies  Guidelines


    1. Be Respectful. All Students and teachers will be treated with dignity and
    respect. This applies to personal rights, property, and opinions.

    2. Be Responsible. You are responsible for your actions, behavior, and grades.

    3. Be Involved. Actively participate in class discussions, debates and small
    group work.

    Folder- Provided
    Plenty of pens and/or pencils
    Loose- Leaf Paper
    OPTIONAL Index cards, highlighter, colored pencils

    You will be graded on tests, quizzes, DBQ’s, essays, projects, group work,
    participation, selected homework assignments, effort and behavior. You will
    lose points by the day on late work.

    Extra Credit:
    I will announce extra credit opportunities frequently.  Take advantage of
    them !!

    Make Up Policy
    It is your responsibility to make up all missed work, and get notes and
    homework missed.  See me to arrange making up work.

    Extra Help 
    I will let you know at the beginning of the week which days I will be staying
    after.I will usually hold review sessions before major tests and quizzes.

    This classroom will be a safe zone for everyone. You should feel comfortable
    enough to share your opinions, participate often and have fun!!